The people of Baekje occupied the Han River basin first.

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Like the name of Baekje, it was associated with the sea from the time it was founded.Baekje had many sides surrounded by the sea.The people of Baekje had to pass Goguryeo or go out to sea to go to other countries.Therefore, Baekje developed the art of sailing from an early age.Therefore, Baekje had no choice but to become familiar with the sea.However, technology was able to develop towards Baekje ahead of other countries, among other things, the Han River basin near the sea in the WestThe Han River basin had wide fields and large rivers, so it was good for farming and for people to live in.  Also, it was easy to gather people from various regions because it was the center of the Korean Peninsula.Baekje also had an advantage in spreading its power to the surrounding areas.The west coast of the Han River basin was jagged and had perfect conditions for making ports for ships to and from  All three kingdoms of Goguryeo, Silla, and Baekje did not hesitate to fight for land in the Han River.Baekje was the first country to occupy such a Han River basin.Perhaps this is why the people of Baekje had been actively engaged in exchanges with the countries across the sea since the early days of the kingdom's establishment.Among the three kingdoms, Baekje was the most actively engaged in exchanges with Japan.  The people of Baekje handed over almost everything from Buddhism to Korean literature to Japan.  Therefore, there are still many names and relics related to Baekje in Japan. 

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