The Year of Skincare: A Men’s Guide

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Contrary to popular belief, skincare isn’t just for women – it’s for everyone!
Men usually shy away from skin care and unfortunately, they end up missing out on the benefits of what a great skin care routine can bring. As men age, their skin begins to change and requires care.
So what does 2019 have in store for men’s skincare?

1. For The Face: Retinol
This exfoliator is derived from Vitamin A and helps to speed up collagen production and jump start cell regeneration. Retinol face creams are making waves for their rejuvenating effects and how they put off the aging process and diminish acne and blemishes.
By using a great all natural retinol cream, your skin will be less prone to sagging, crow’s feet and wrinkles; your complexion will also brighten and clear up and any visible signs of aging and sun damage will begin to fade with regular use.
The best part about retinol is that it can be paired with other products in your skin care routine, but care must be taken to avoid products that cancel out the effects of Vitamin A. It’s also important to use sun protectant when using retinol products.
2. For The Face: Vitamin C
Your daily glass of orange juice isn’t going to do the trick. In fact, your skin needs a dose of Vitamin C directly every now and then.
Vitamin C is known to brighten the complexion and reverse the damage, which is caused by the sun, the environment and free radicals – which are known to bring about premature aging and problems with pigmentation.
If you spend hours on the football field, chances are your skin needs some care to deal with all the exposure it’s getting. Check out this amazing Vitamin C anti aging serum formula; it’s packed with hydrators to keep your skin bright, happy and supple!
3. For The Body: Hydrators and Moisturizers
Your face isn’t the only place that needs attention – your body does too. With tight clothes, sweating, exercise and so much more, the skin on our body needs a dose of health every now and then.
Many men have stretch marks due to changes in weight or exercise routines, some even have dry patches which can become chronic if not taken care of – fortunately, there’s a solution to it all: Hydrate and moisturize that parched skin!
Check out this amazing stretch mark removal cream – it works to improve the skin’s protective barrier and its texture and appearance!
So, boys, what’s it going to be? You can’t deny how important skin care is, so which of these are you going to include in your routine? Let us know in the comments!
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