Top Two Ways To Build Brand Loyalty And Trust With Social Media

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Small business owners know how important it is to keep a customer once you have them. Building loyalty among a trusted group of clients is the best way to create the foundation for a successful business for years to come.
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Hi, I thought i will just share some of my thoughts on the above topic.

Yes, true. Building trust and brand loyalty with social media also can be done by building thought leadership.

The company or the brand can discuss latest issues and challenges facing them and get the followers feedback. They can also talk about their corporate social responsibility areas with initiatives which help societal issues. This builds lot of credibility among the followers and fans of the brand.

Sometime ago, BMW did that and there social media posts went viral. You can check on their Facebook page.

Sometimes companies and brands engage their most loyal followers as moderators for their social media pages and sites. I have seen companies and brands like Coco cola engaging their most loyal followers and supporters as brand ambassadors for their company.

It is the act of giving back the credit to the followers and fans that builds lot of credibility and trust among the followers.

. Cheers, Ramkumar.

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