What Is MLM? Help me stop this rumor …

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Your here because you want to find out what is mlm and why is there so much fuss about it these days. In the network or internet marketing world MLM is sometimes likened to a dirty word? You mention it and some people automatically assume it is a pyramid scam. Is MLM really as bad as some think? In this blog post you will discover the truth.
What is MLM – The Definition
MLM stands for Multi Level Marketing. Multi Level means you will earn off of more than just whatever sales you bring in due to your own marketing skills.
You have more room to earn with an MLM business because not only are you earning on your efforts but you are also earning on the efforts of those who are successful below you and those who are successful below them.
This can go on and on depending on how deep and how wide your compensation plan is. For example if your compensation plan allows for three wide and two deep and all your slots are filled you can earn off of a total of twelve people.
That can bring in much bigger earnings than if you could only earn on one level wide and one level deep. Imagine if the compensation plan is three by five or five by eight. You could earn even more depending on what you earn per person.
Some plans even allow one to earn on unlimited width and depth. A compensation plan that gives the most amount of earnings for the least amount of people is ideal.
What is MLM? – The Earnings
How are these earning brought in? With a good MLM, most of the money should be made by the amount of volume, products being sold to customers instead of only the volume sold to other representatives.
MLM companies that only pay while their representatives are recruiting instead of on volume are the types that give MLM a bad name.
With an MLM company, the less you have to spend out of pocket to fulfill your purchasing requirements to qualify for payment the better its representatives will fare. There will be less dropouts due to lack of funds to pay for the products.
It won’t be as hard to convince someone to join a business where they will be paying out $30 per month as it will be to ask someone to pay out $220 per month.
A good MLM company will have competitively priced products so that the representatives can earn off of customers and not just off of other representatives who must purchase the items in order to qualify to earn.
You have to pick and choose when dealing with an MLM company because there isn’t one set of rules that they all abide by. There isn’t a universal compensation plan. Observe and read the fine print. Find the best MLM company for you.
Now the next time you talk to a potential business partner and they ask you what is MLM, you’ll be able to explain it to them.

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