What is scarlet fever?

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It is an infectious disease caused mainly by the oral cavity in the bloodstream.The scarlet fever originated from a rash of skin.  In the past, scarlet fever was considered a terrible disease, but since 1950 the incidence of scarlet fever has decreased a lot.scarlet fever is associated with bacterial infection in the throat or skin.Hemolytic streptococcus develops toxins that affect the surface throat of the skin's tongue, which causes scarlet fever.The above picture is a typical symptom of scarlet fever.When scarlet fever appears with sore throat, it is the same symptom as when the throat is infected, such as a sore throat, a headache, and a swollen lymph node in the neck.A rash of scarlet fever occurs within two days of the outbreak.It looks as if the color of red has come out.This rash can spread all over the body except for the face.The inflammation of the tongue deepens and becomes what the tongue calls a strawberry-shaped strawberry.  After a few days, your skin starts to peel, especially your fingers, palms, toes, and feet.    The surface of the tongue's infection also peels off, resulting in a rough, red surface called a tree strawberry.Most of the symptoms of scarlet fever disappear within two weeks.Symptoms of scarlet fever associated with skin infection vary depending on the type of skin abnormality.   In the past, people with scarlet fever had been infected with streptococcus. Most of the time, it is now associated with pus caused by chicken pox or streptococcus.Neck hole is a symptom of scarlet fever infection caused by skin infections caused by a rather than light.  Severe complications such as rheumatoid syndrome and acute aphrodisinitis occur after suffering from scarlet fever.Acute sandal nephritis can occur in both throat infection and scarlet fever caused by skin infection.  Rheumatoid is not caused by scarlet fever caused by skin infection.After suffering from scarlet fever, serious complications such as rheumatoid fever and acute aphrodisinitis can occur. Rheumatoid string does not have scarlet fever caused by skin infections.scarlet fever is generally treated with penicillin.  Patients with scarlet fever should refrain from going out for a day after starting treatment for penicillin.

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