What is social biology like?

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Social biology is the study of the social behavior shown by humans and animals based on biology.  Social biologists are learning to find out what the different patterns of behavior in an animal's life do.  It is also the study of where aggression and communication and other forms of social behavior originate and how they have changed over many generations Social behavior is traditionally the study of animal behavior and is the subject of research by experts in such fields as anthropology and psychology.Social biologists use the knowledge and concepts gained in these fields.Socio-Zoologists think animals can pass their genes on to the next generation, not only through reproduction on their own, but also by helping relatives like brothers and sisters survive and reproduce. For example, a worker bees shoot an intruder to protect their hive.This act of shooting takes the life of a worker bee, but it can protect the queen.The queen bee has a lot of the same genes as the worker bees.These genes are passed on to the offspring.Sociobiologists have found that the closer two animals are genetically, the better they sacrifice themselves to protect other animals.They point out that behavior is influenced by various cultural and environmental factors.Social biologists also recognize the importance of such factors, but argue that human behavior cannot be correctly understood unless genetic factors are taken into account.

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