Why I Love WordPress But Won’t leave Blogger?

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Yeah! I love using WordPress and I’ll definitely endorse it; suggest it to the newbie bloggers who keeps asking me whether they should go ahead with free blogging platform i.e., blogger or get themselves self-hosting to start WordPress blog. There are good reasons behind this; however, this doesn’t [...]The post Why I Love WordPress But Won’t leave Blogger? appeared first on OddBlogger.

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I was made to leave blogger because they shut down my site. I know everyone likes wordpress. However, I like the website builders. With them you can start out for free and then choose to upgrade. I plan on upgrading as soon as I take care of some financial problems. I think you should go with what is best for you. Some people say you don’t really own your site if you are not using wordpress.org. I see it differently though because you still have to pay for hosting. Without hosting your site cannot be online. You can own a site but with no hosting what’s the point because no one will see it. I just think you have to go with what’s best for you.

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