Why We Love BoldGrid (And You Should, Too!)

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Use BoldGrid to create a  customized, gorgeous website you have always wanted

In this article, we will discuss BoldGrid, a powerful drag-and-drop website builder for WordPress.

Websites are expensive to design. This is why BoldGrid has stepped in,  offering customizable websites that connect with WordPress. This makes it possible to have a website that looks professional and has all the features you need.

Best of all, you can create a great looking website, without writing a single line of code

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What is BoldGrid?
In a nutshell, BoldGrid can be explained as:

A Premium website-builder with easy drag-and-drop editor
Quickly build stunning, responsive (mobile friendly) websites
Comes with stunning templates
100% ownership and complete control of your own site
Built on top of wordpress

BoldGrid is a  unique website builder that has been created on top of WordPress, a powerful free Content Management System(CMS).  Many people have found WordPress to be overwhelming. So BoldGrid decided to make it easier. BoldGrid and WordPress combine in order to compete with such Web builders as Weebly, Wix, Squarespace, and an array of others.

Many web designer tasks have been automated, so it is ideal for amateurs as well as professional designers alike.
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BoldGrid Video
Watch this video to learn more about BoldGrid

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A little bit about Wordpress….What is WordPress and why choose WordPress?
WordPress is one of the most comprehensive content management systems (CMS) in the world. It provides a significant amount of features to make it customizable so that you can have the website you want – all without having to hire a professional website designer that can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Approximately 74,000,000 sites are currently using WordPress in order to publish blogs and promote themselves across the Internet.

WordPress is powerful right out-of-the-box. It gives you the opportunity to install quickly, and there are plenty of add-ons to choose from. You also have the core that allows you to add RSS feeds, connect with social media, and much more.

The BoldGrid Design Team
The people behind BoldGrid have 10+ years’ experience in designing, and have built thousands of websites by hand. This is an important component when looking at the web builder because they understand the importance of themes, page layouts, conversion, menus, icons, and everything that goes into a professional looking and aesthetically pleasing website.

[caption id="attachment_10874" align="aligncenter" width="750"] BoldGrid has beautiful templates for different categories[/caption]
Who should use BoldGrid ?

Newbies: BoldGrid is the best DIY website builder for a newbie.  Stunning Professional themes with an intuitive drag-and-drop website editor. No coding is required.

Wordpress Fans: If you have used Wordpress, then getting started with BoldGrid should be easy. Since BoldGrid is built on WordPress, you can use the familiar WordPress platform to access BoldGrid. along with best features of wordpress. You can also do safe rollbacks, a feature that lets you undo the latest design changes you did. Could be helpful in situations, where you made a mistake and want to roll back to last working version.

Web Developers and designers: As a designer, now using BoldGrid, you can quickly create beautiful websites on WordPress for your clients. You can minimize time taken for demo websites by building websites with the drag-and-drop website editor in BoldGrid. Make best use of staging areas as well as safe rollback features of WordPress and impress your clients.

How does it work?
BoldGrid needs a web host to get started. Inmotion Hosting is the only webhost to offer BoldGrid Premium sits builder as part of it’s web hosting plans.

About Inmotion hosting:  Inmotion is one of the most reliable web hosts out there   providing quality hosting along with 100% US based customer support. You can definitely rely on this web host.

After signing up with Inmotion Host, you will get BoldGrid pre-installed for you and then you can start playing with BoldGrid.

Design Stages  
There are two major stages provided within the BoldGrid system.

The inspiration phase: This is the phase where various website designs can be explored, including functionality as well as content that is industry-specific. This is the opportunity to understand what a complete site looks like, including content and everything else. 
The customization phase: This is the final phase , which is the chance to make it specific to your business.

 Advantages of using BoldGrid  (Pros)
Easy customization

In addition to having an Intuative Drag and Drop Editor, there are so many different options to be able to customize the site the way you want. You have the option to change such things as:

Background images
Menu positions

There’s also the “Inspirations Process” which gives you the layout, pages, and content that is specific to your industry. It takes the guesswork out of what makes a great looking site.

The layout system is another pro because what you see is what you get. The prebuilt Gridblocks can save you time and it’s all about drag and drop, so you don’t need to have knowledge of  HTML.

100% Ownership

You will have full ownership and everything is movable. The full hosting is available to you. It is also developer friendly, and can be responsive, ensuring that people can view your website on any computer, tablet, or mobile device. With thousands of designs to choose from, it can be considerably more effective than some of the other website designs available to you.

Wordpress Compatible

As explained above, BoldGrid is built on top of Wordpress. Best part is, you are not restricted to themes or templates that BoldGrid offers. You can use free or premium Wordpress themes that you can get elsewhere and can integrate that theme to BoldGrid. Same applies to Wordpress plugins as well. BoldGrid thus, is compatible with any WordPress plugin or theme.

Staging Area

There is the opportunity to have two websites, a stage website and a live website. The benefit to this is that you can make your changes to a "staging website", evaluate thoroughly and when satisfied with staging area, roll out the changes to your live website. All this can all be managed within the Administrative Dashboard. The public only sees your live website. Staging area is hidden from public.

Developer Friendly

BoldGrid is a great extension to WordPress. Developers and designers can now quickly create great layouts and stunning pages. And thus meet client deadlines faster. There  is an entire section dedicated for developers in support area.

Section for Advanced developers: One of the pros to BoldGrid is that there is a major section dedicated  developers and designers. This is a chance for you to see the BoldGrid layers, the required hooks, the menu locations, and more. If you want to submit themes and design components, you will want to know about all of this.

Create your website with BoldGrid (and get a free domain)

One of the cons to using BoldGrid is that it requires a host. Once you know who is going to host, you can use BoldGrid and begin creating a website that is going to look professional and have all of the functions that you want. Luckily, we have Inmotion Hosting that can preinstall and setup BoldGrid for you.

Another con is that it can be overwhelming to choose a design that’s going to work for you. Some of the other web builders only offer 25 or 50 designs, so it’s easy to make a selection. However, BoldGrid has tried to compensate for the variety of designs by offering the inspiration phase where you can search different designs based upon industry and the type of layout that you desire based upon what you want your website to be able to do. Actually, not sure if this should be termed as  advantage or disadvantage, having so many designs to choose from, that is.
How does BoldGrid compare with other popular site builders
BoldGrid is very different from some of the other site builders out there – and much of it comes down to the beautiful designs that are available. While some of the other builders out there have dozens of designs to choose from, BoldGrid offers thousands.

The WordPress themes provide different layouts, color palettes, and more to choose from. Also, unlike what’s found with some of the other competition, BoldGrid is not restrictive.

Here’s a good comparison chart that shows how BoldGrid competes with other popular site builders.

[caption id="attachment_10860" align="aligncenter" width="863"] BoldGrid compared with other Top website Builders[/caption]

Overall Review of BoldGrid
Ultimately, BoldGrid is one of the best Web builders on the Internet. It makes it possible to create a great looking website that is functional. It can be responsive, offering a quality designed for computers, tablets, and an array of mobile devices. It is also easy to use, allowing people to create their own website without the need to know computer languages.

In a world where websites rules supreme, is important to have a website that is capable of attracting a significant amount of people. Consumers will often make a decision about a company within seconds of landing on their website. If it is an attractive and functional, they will choose to do business. Else they may look elsewhere.

This means that you need to have a great looking website, and BoldGrid delivers thousands of designs to choose from. With the variety of ways to customize, it truly stands out from the competition.

And you have the backing and solid support from Inmotion hosting. So basically you are getting business hosting plus BoldGrid for a bargain price – just $5.99/month. Cannot beat that.

Our Rating:

Get BoldGrid pre-installed with business hosting (and a free domain)

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