WordPress Gutenberg; A Comprehensive Guide 2020

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You know what happened to WordPress Gutenberg. Here it is! Change always catches up to everything, and when it does, nothing escapes from its demanding nature. When change hits the miraculous web environment, you can be sure that older versions of online software and tools don’t stand a chance, and they’re about to labeled “Outdated”; it’s slow, but it will definitely happen exactly as what happened to WordPress Gutenburg. To be more precise, one of the big names slowly getting pushed out of the picture in the web design is the classic editor, which is being replaced by the much-vaunted block editor called the Gutenberg. Today, we’re bearing witness to a new wholesome WordPress assistant toolkit with tons of exciting features revolutionizing the designers’ community and giving them so much material to foss about over the internet. As Gutenberg becomes more dominant and widely-accepted across the world and more people recognize the merits to it, the need for a comprehensive guide of the tool soars through the layers of people involved in web design and building up a website; which equals to nearly everybody busy on the internet. To tackle your questions and give you a general idea of how it works, we’ve dedicated to dedicate this piece entirely to the introduction of the Gutenberg block editor. We have cooked up a “Full Guide to WordPress Gutenberg” and how you can build a page using the latest patch of Gutenberg toolkit installed on your WordPress panel.   What is  WordPress Gutenberg? Gutenberg is the new-kid-on-the-block that swooped in as the new WordPress 5 update got released. Named after Johannes Gutenberg, the same brilliant mind behind the mechanical printing press, the Gutenberg block editor in WordPress jazzes up the building and uploading new posts in the panel using a simple method...

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