5 Steps To Start Your Body Transformation

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5 Steps To Start Your Body Transformation
By Lee Constantinou
Making that first step to transform your body can be tough! I know the feeling! The past 5 years have seen me undertake and coach many body transformations for fitness, bikini and physique competitions and starting out is always the hardest part. If you want to guarantee yourself a successful transformation take these 5 steps and you’ll be well on your way to transforming your body.
Step 1: Write Down Your Goal
Writing down goals is the first step you need to take if you want to have a successful transformation. Writing your goals down will create a moment of self-actualisation and make this goal real. Set yourself SMART goals and get really detailed about what you want to achieve. The more detail you go into, the better you can visualise what you want.
Step 2: Set A Deadline
Where we fail mostly is not giving ourselves deadlines to complete tasks. If there is no deadline you’ll get relaxed and never have any urgency towards your goals. Be really clear of what you want to achieve and set a date that you want to do it by. Want to get lean in 12 weeks? Then take a look through your calendar and mark ‘week 12’. You can even take it a step further and mark each week as a count down. This is a scary task but trust me it works. Use this fear to fuel your motivation and stay focused on your transformation.
Step 3: Have A Plan
Having a plan to follow is essential to keep you focused on your transformation. Planning takes away any excuses that you’ll make on the way or any bad food choices that may affect your transformation. Have a training programme that details everything you need to do in order as well as a nutrition plan or guideline that you’ll stick to throughout the process is essential for your success. The best plan is the one that you can sustain so make sure it’s realistic and personal to you.
Step 4: Understand Your Macro & Calorie Needs
Before you can lose fat and get lean you need to get to grips with the basics on nutrition. How many calories do you need? What are macronutrients? Are you in a caloric deficit? Changing your body composition will largely come down to eating enough calories to fuel your training but also to put your body in a caloric deficit to allow your body to lose fat at a steady rate. Before you think about supplements or anything else this is a must do task.
Step 5: Start Now
The most common excuse I hear from clients and those wanting to transform their body is ‘I’ll start on Monday’ when in actual fact Monday never comes! If you’re serious about making a change, start on the day you feel is right for you, but don’t wait too long. Once you’ve taken steps 1 to 4 you now need to take ACTION. That is the difference between transforming your body and being that person that always find excuses. Make yourself accountable and start now.
About Lee:
Lee Constantinou is a Body Transformation Specialist & WBFF Pro Fitness Model.
Lee became passionate about transforming the lives of others back in 2010 when he won his first natural bodybuilding show and won; he was hooked! Over the past 5 years Lee has attained numerous titles including a British Junior Champion 2011 and more recently became the WBFF UK Fitness Model Champion 2015 and was awarded a Professional status with the WBFF. Over the past 3 years Lee has been transforming the lives of others through Online Coaching and 1:1 Personal Training in London.
Lee is part of the TRAIN Fitness demo team, demonstrating the exclusive T3 programmes available across the globe.

Find out more about Lee on his site: www.leeconstantinou.com

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