5 Ways to Improve Your Real Estate Marketing Strategies

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If you’re fairly new to the world of the real estate agent, you’ve probably noted that marketing a property is easier than ever, thanks to technology. If you’ve been around for a while but aren’t tech-savvy, maybe you’re still grasping the intricacies of the technological world and stumbling through social media platforms, recognizing that technology is the name of the game but feeling a little behind in the race.

But, as far as marketing your services goes, no matter how old you are or how experienced you might be, you still need to generate, attract, and win leads so that your business is a successful one. And, certainly, with today’s booming technology, you can do that better than ever before. But how do you use technology in your marketing strategies and still remain personal? How do you improve your marketing but still make connections with your potential buyers and sellers?

Hone your website 

There are millions and millions of sites on the internet, and a lot of them belong to realtors, …including realtors in your marketing area. So, it’s really necessary for yours to stand out. You need to offer meaningful content that will show up near the top as people search the neighborhood in which you’re located.

Blogging is good, but make sure you offer content that speaks to potential sellers or buyers, like neighborhood-specific reports on schools, shopping, and other amenities as well as market trends in the area. Some agents even go as far as to create more than one website, especially if their marketing territory is quite large, making each one specific to a particular locale.

If you’re not adept at building or maintaining your website, by all means, hire someone to do it. The one-time fee to build it is a great (and tax-deductible) investment, and you can often hire the same person or company to manage the site for a small monthly fee.

Become a neighborhood expert

You won’t get to know your target neighborhood without investing a little personal time in doing so. That involves familiarizing yourself with the neighborhood, especially if it’s not where you live. Go to neighborhood events, visit local establishments, meet area politicians, and use your social media platforms, like Facebook, to promote these places and events or to talk about weekly happenings. From all of this, you’ll likely get a bigger following, and you’ll become the go-to person when someone is ready to sell or buy.

And, by all means, get out there and show your face. Sponsor a table at the local flea market. Show up at a block party. Be the backer for a local sports team and come to the games to cheer for your team. This keeps your business personal despite our ongoing dependence on technology in real estate sales.

Leverage your Facebook traffic

And speaking of Facebook, you’ll find that this platform can be one of your best tools. Even if you’ve been resistant to join up until now and you prefer not to have a personal page – which is fine – use it for your business. And if you can align your Facebook traffic with your website by linking your Facebook content to it, you’ll capture more leads. Again, if you’re not good at this kind of technological stuff, ask for help.

Constantly analyze your local market

Be sure you are always up on what’s happening in your target market and keep your website content fresh by always writing about changes that are occurring. When you do a listing presentation or show a home, it’s important that you know what’s happening in regards to home values, mortgage rates, and everything else that impacts your clients. Your knowledge is key

Use your success stories to get new clients

Finally, know that potential clients are often influenced by what others say about you. So take the time to gather testimonials from your satisfied buyers and sellers and post them on your website. Also, ask them if you can use them as a reference and if they’d be okay with you giving out their phone number or email to potential clients. Word-of-mouth and accolades from others are still a wonderful way to capture new clients


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