7 Tools for Social Media Marketers to Avoid Burnout

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7 Tools for Social Media Marketers to Avoid Burnout
Uma Bhat
Wed, 04/25/2018 - 14:30

Social media management is just one half of actual work. And yes, the life of a social media marketer is an extremely busy one. Juggling and managing multiple tasks is part and parcel of a social media manager’s job.

Social media managers are also engaged with multiple tasks:

  • Corporate blogging

  • Guest blogging

  • Scheduling content

  • Posting content

  • Preparing email content

  • Finding trending content

  • Prepare advertising campaings

  • Find leads

Stress, nervousness, and burnout pose high degree of risks among social media marketers.  

Are you one among the social media marketers who are thinking of calling it quits, then you should rethink your decision.

So how do you avoid the social media management burnout?

Social media marketers are finding new ways to be smarter about everything they do about social media management. Now social media marketers have option to choose from variety of tools that help streamline social media activities. The tools will help you to keep pace with the latest social media trends.

It’s time to assess tools that can supercharge your social media efforts.

Here are 7 social media management tools you can use to combat the burnout:

  1. Cloohawk

Powered by artificial intelligence, Cloohawk is a social media management tool that offers powerful automation features that can be used for most of your social media management activities. When most you are having customers across the world, keeping pace with the different time zones is made easy by Cloohawk.

You can now schedule and post content automatically just with the click of a button. Cloohawk goes a step further by even suggesting the best time to schedule your content based on the best time for your audience.

Cloohawk also suggests posts that are trending, that can be retweeted and liked thereby helping you to increase engagement with your audience.

A social media manager is no more required to stay up all night or work during vacations to manage and schedule content, and to engage with audience.

So with Cloohawk you can 

  • Schedule content

  • Post content 

  • Automate posts

  • Post at the best time

  • Keep pace with multiple time zones


  1. Buffer

Buffer is a social media management tool used predominantly for scheduling your content.  With Buffer, you can schedule and share content across multiple platforms from a single central dashboard.

The power scheduler allows you to schedule a number of posts across different social media and for several days ahead, thereby relieving you of your daily scheduling task.

Buffer has a feature that identifies the best time when your audience is most engaged and prompts you to share your content at the best time.

Buffer allows you to analyze your posts with the help of the analytics feature. It gives summaries of your content with which you analyze the performance of your content.


  1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a social media management tool which is mainly used to identify trending content from numerous websites across your industry.

By listing down the keywords pertaining to your industry, Ahrefs will be able to pull out all the popular stories that are trending on social media.  The front page of Ahrefs gives you a list of latest top 10 trending topics.

The search can be further refined by applying filters on location, language, volume of traffic and word count.

You can instantly figure out the topic for your next content creation based on the number of shares on Ahrefs.  You can also decide on the content to be shared with your audience based on the popularity on the content.


  1. SocialClout

SocialClout is a tool specially designed to measure the social media management effectiveness. This monitoring tool enables brands to plan the marketing strategies based on feedback from various social media platforms.

SocialClout offers insights and detailed reports which are derived after carefully analyzing the data points.

Social media managers can stop worrying about the competition since SocialClout readily provides competitor analysis which can be used to benchmark your efforts against your competitors. You can also identify content in your competitor circles that is making a huge buzz.

This tool is also useful to generate engagement dashboards, plan campaigns, scheduling posts and much more.


  1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a tool that can save numerous hours that you might be spending on content calendar and retweeting posts.

Hootsuite can manage multiple social media profiles all in one place.  It can be used by social media managers to track and monitor your audience activities.

Any conversations relating to your brand can be easily identified by Hootsuite. Your job can be easened up by Hootsuite which manages your brand mentions, likes to your posts, replies to your comments and much of the social media engagement.

With Hootsuite you can schedule posts in advance, track your followers and monitor statistics.


  1. Socedo

Socedo is a social media management tool that comes as a boon to most of the social media managers. Planning and executive social media campaigns can be a nightmare since it has many moving pieces and a campaign can be successful only when all work together.

When you are a social media manager, you never have enough time in the day to manage all other activities in addition to planning a campaign.

With Socedo, a social media manager can be at peace since it takes care of lead generation through different social media channels. Marketers can focus on growing and engaging your audience on social media.


  1. SumAll

SumAll is a social media management tool that is useful to every single marketer who wants to analyze social media activities. It will help in generating cross platform reports and summaries of all the social media accounts managed by the marketer.

SumAll offers a dashboard where multiple reports from various social accounts are consolidated. This report tracks your engagement and reach.

The automation lets you share content to your audience without any efforts from your side.

SumAll might just end all your sleepless nights that you are spending in analyzing your social media activities.



There is no doubt that social media has opened doors for infinite opportunities in digital marketing and has transformed communication multiple folds.

But for social media managers it has posed huge challenges. It can lead to quick wear out since social media management requires engaging with audience on social media on a continuous basis.

Social media management can be easy and effective when you invest in smart automation tools that will help your social media marketing tasks.

The tools will help you to find right content and trending content to share. The tools can schedule and post your content automatically. Social media campaigns can be planned and executed with the help of smart social media management tools.

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To keep pace with the current social media activities, it important for social media managers to review and embrace social media management tools to avoid burnout.

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