7 Underutilized Traffic Sources That Can Be Explored By Social Media Marketers

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7 Underutilized Traffic Sources That Can Be Explored By Social Media Marketers
Uma Bhat
Fri, 08/03/2018 - 10:13

Social media marketers know that without having any traffic or poor traffic to their website, it will no longer be a website but just another rejected piece in the ocean of internet.

The main lead behind increasing traffic is to actively search your prospects that are floating around on the social media. It cannot be the other way round.

Investigate and find all such traffic sources where your audience exists and are pouring out their issues and problems that can be solved by your products.

Once you are aware of the sources that can drive traffic, then automatically you can approach all such sources actively by gathering the needs of the audience and solving their issues.

Here are 7 Underutilized Traffic Sources That Can Be Explored By Social Media Marketers

According to the research conducted by HubSpot Research, “90% of businesses quote referrals as their top source for new leads”

Imagine a happy customer refers your brand to his/her 10 friends. These 10 friends further refer to their 10 friends!! It has created a pyramid effect and has brought in many new customers without you spending anything on marketing.

A classic example of referrals is Dropbox. It offered extra 500 MB free storage space to all customers who referred as well as the newly referred user. This resulted in a 60% increase in its subscription.

As per a report published on Impact “An average company that blogs generates 55% more website visitors”

Most of the brands ignore blogging since they are busy with clients and sales. Brands should devote time and effort to cultivate a meaningful blog presence. Whipping up few generic posts and retweeting a few posts from other blogs is not worthwhile.

When your company wants to generate more traffic with the help of blogs, then it has to become a core part of your overall social media marketing strategy.
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Quora is a simple way to find answers to questions that bother your audience. By simply posting a question with key words, the audience can get answers and solutions from many other Quora users.

You are very likely to get the most out of Quora when you start answering questions by offering detailed, interesting, and useful posts. Contribute by answering the questions and include your content link.

See how, the CEO of Cloohawk has answered to a question with complete details and links to his own website as well as other apps that can solve the problem. This will drive traffic to your website.

Surprised? When we all know that Reddit hates marketers, how can this become a source to drive traffic to your website? It is possible, if you play it well.

The trick here is to play it like any other Reddit user and not like a marketer. Get involved with the subreddits relating to your brand. Start by sharing links that are not connected to your brand.

Contribute on Reddit by adding comments and your opinions to the existing threads.

Once you get comfortable with the way Reddit functions, drive traffic to your website by sharing only your best links.

Social Media Comments
Most of the brands by now have their own social media pages. You post your regular content and you also ensure to respond and reply to any comments that come up. But this is not enough.

Start by shortlisting pages on social media that relate to your industry. Browse through the content and quickly add unique and informative comments to the post.

The idea is to get more people to watch and like your comments, and eventually float on the top comments. This will expose your brand to a large section of the social media users and thereby drive great traffic to your website.

Look at a comment from Siimon Sander on Facebook page of Humans of New York that attracted thousands of likes and comments.
Emails have been functioning well as one of the importance sources that drive traffic. In fact it is proved to be one of the best sources to increase return on investment (ROI).

Email marketing campaign, Email signatures and auto responders are all efficient sources to drive traffic to your website.

Email signatures are a good place to promote all your social pages and your website.

See how Sujan Patel has created a self-sufficient email signature that has all details required for a potential customer, and from here drives the traffic. He has crafted different signatures at different times to promote the projects that he is involved in.
Autoresponders are automated emails that are sent to people who email to you. This is useful to add information and send it to people to let them know that you are involved with a particular project that might be interest to them as well.

Again see how Sujan Patel has crafted autoresponders to highlight his current project.  
Guest Posts
Guest blogging is a method used to write for high profile blogs and websites in your industry. Generally it is done for free, but in return you establish association with a high authority website thereby earning credibility. When you prove that there is value in your articles, audience will go to your site.

Guest posts also earn you backlinks that help your SEO ranking. When you have your article on a highly-ranked, it will help to get higher rank on a search engine than your lower-ranking site.

See how Brian Dean, guest contributor from Backlinko, produces guest posts that have made him a high profile marketer and writer.

Driving website traffic is one of the most important aspects of running a business, specially an online business.  The higher the number of people visits your website, the higher are the chances of making a sale.

These simple unexplored sources of traffic will go a long way in attracting audience to your website.

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