7 Ways Social Media Automation Can Enhance Interaction with Audience

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7 Ways Social Media Automation Can Enhance Interaction with Audience
Uma Bhat
Mon, 10/21/2019 - 12:24

"Instead of using technology to automate processes, think about using technology to enhance human interaction.” –Tony Zambito, lead authority in buyer personas.

Social media automation is often misunderstood that it can replace all your social media marketing activities. But the truth is, while it does save a lot of time, its biggest benefit is that it enhances interaction with your social media audience, thereby giving the companies an extra edge. 

As social media marketers, we all wish we had a few extra hours in a day so that we can complete some of the tasks that we had planned, and have enough time to interact with our social media audience. Unfortunately, we all have just 24 hours in a day and an unending list of tasks to be completed.

The to-do list just grows by the day, and we end with two lists - One is the incomplete tasks list, and the other is the new tasks that we discovered would want to add to our social media marketing activities. Social media marketing has become so all-consuming and all-pervading that there just isn’t enough time to ‘interact’ with your audience. 

Arendt, the influential political philosopher of the twentieth century, predicted that “the rise of automation would mean humanity would be 'liberated from its oldest burden.”

Automation is increasingly important to help you focus on what requires your active, creative insights by allowing automation to take care of the tasks that need a regular presence on social media.

To solve this social media marketer’s nightmare, let’s dig into social media marketing automation to discover the various tasks that can enhance our interaction with our social media audience.

Let’s Get Started with Social Media Marketing Automation. Here are 7 Ways Social Media Automation Can Enhance Interaction with Audience

1. Reach the Target Audience

Today’s generation of consumers is creating a shift in the market. Hence the urge for companies to connect with their audience is becoming a high priority. Companies have learned the lesson that to be competitive in the market, they have to consider the consumer demographics and consumer trends.

Here companies are leveraging the granularity of marketing automation.

Companies are reaching out to their target audience with great precision by taking advantage of automation tools such as Cloohawk and HubSpot. These automation technologies have proven that companies see the improved reach of their digital marketing ads as these automation tools provide valuable analytics of your target audience.

2. Increase Audience Engagement

Most of the marketers are busy chasing numbers, forgetting what really matters. Social media marketers have beautiful content, great social campaigns, and wonderful email campaigns, but what really matters at the end of the day is whether buyers are engaging with your marketing efforts!

Being a social media marketer, if you are not actively engaged in increasing engagement levels with your audience, then for sure, you are missing the largest part of what it means to be a marketer.

Fortunately, social media marketing automation tools such as SproutSocial and Agora Pulse come across as a boost that is needed to increase engagement with your target audience by sending the right messages at the right time and by sending personalized content.

3. Right Time 

Say, for instance, a social media marketer posted several posts at one particular time as he had some time from his busy schedule. He was happy that he posted many engaging posts and expected many likes and retweets!

But Alas! The posts did not get the required attention and engagement. What could have gone wrong?

Not only is it important to post content for social media marketing, but the timing of the post is also extremely crucial. If you post during times when the majority of your social media audience is occupied with something else, then the purpose of the post gets defeated.

Automation is helping in identifying the right time to post for different segments of your network and customizing your message accordingly.

Fortunately, tools such as Buffer and Cloohawk are exceedingly helpful in this regard.

4. Integrate Across Social Media Platforms

More than 80% of consumers are using social media to engage with brands. And they use as many as seven social media channels to reach them!  It might surprise you, but it’s true! Welcome to the world of social media!

Now, is that a lot for companies to monitor? Definitely yes!! 

As social media evolves, automation has become indispensable to companies at large. It has become impossible to monitor your audience activities and your brand mentions across several social media platforms without automation.

Being able to handle your audience that are on various social media platforms, from one single place, has evolved as an important necessity of social media marketing automation. With the plethora of platforms and networks to engage, having an automation tool that integrates the handling of social media platforms from one location can save a lot of time, money, and effort.

5. Schedule Content

Every social media marketer understands the importance of engaging content to keep their audience entertained. But the sad reality is that it takes away a huge amount of time in scheduling a constant stream of interesting content for its audience.

With this constraint of time, a marketer is left with no choice but to explore automation.

Automation offers services that allow a marketer to automatically schedule and post to content regularly.  Based on your audience, you can line up interesting content and schedule it over different days and different times of the day based on your followers. This will ensure a continuous stream of interesting and relevant content for your audience.

6. Re-publish Evergreen Content

There is a reason why the Avatar sequel in 2020 is expected to do well. It is banking on the success of its predecessor, which has already built an army of eager, anticipating audience. Content in Social Media Marketing is somewhat similar.

You need to piggyback on the evergreen content that had a lot of success with the audience before. Re-publishing your most successful content allows you to drive even greater engagement. CoSchedule and Agora Pulse are some of the tools for carrying out this process automatically and flawlessly.

7. Curate Content

If you're are wondering what content curation is, it is a content marketing technique where marketers create valuable content without actually starting content from scratch.

An effective social media marketing strategy is not just about creating new content; it is also about curating existing content. It is easy to mistake just reposting or retweeting as ‘curation based on keywords,’ but curating good content requires a lot more sophistication.

To be successful at content curation, it requires to uncover the best content that can be shared with your audience, unlike just picking stuff that is very easy - this can be done using automation tools.

Content curation tools not only save time, effort, and money, but it also offers a huge list of online content showcasing the best content for you.


The modern art of marketing rests a lot on social media audience. By using social media marketing effectively, supported by automation tools, you can help not only deliver your message to your audience, but also establish, maintain, and nurture long-term relationships with a high-degree of value creation. 

Some of the social media automation tools mentioned above can assist your daily marketing activities and save countless hours and money. If you are planning to automate your social media activities, then take it one step at a time.

Do try some of the automation tools that we have listed above, and also let us know in the comments below if you have come across any other interesting tools that we should be using.

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