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Ok you’re not that social!

Not just from going to different social events, but also on social media.

You have a bunch of extroverted solopreneurs telling you constantly that if you’re going to be successful then social media is your number 1 choice.

You tried it, but it just doesn’t feel like you “Fit In” You probably made a New Years Resolution to be a bit more outgoing and less of a bore to our extroverted dominated world.

But then again you feel like a fake.

You also want to build a home business so that one day you have that golden option of quitting your job.

You discover that Blogging would be your perfect ticket, but there comes some strings attached to blogging and that is to become more SOCIAL.

Although it would be great to build a social following, you may feel like using Social Media may be your only ticket to success.

But being very social on social media is for some people and not others.

There are other avenues you can take and focus on besides using Social Media.

What are they?

First, you need to figure out your goals before you do anything, and these goals will be aligned with who you are.

In this post I will discuss creating goals that are aligned with you and what you’re trying to accomplish as an introverted solopreneur blogger.

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