ActiveCollab Monthly Updates: December

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December is all about holidays! We’re aware of that, so we don’t

usually have big releases around that time. Which doesn’t mean we

have nothing new in store.

Last month we had a few smaller, but very useful updates, while this

month we bring you one extremely important improvement.


We’re talking about one of the most requested feature requests, time

reports! For a short window of time, you’ll be able to choose if you

want to use the old or the new one. In mid-January, we’ll end the

Beta testing period and only the new version of the report will be


The new report may look just like the old one, but looks are deceiving

sometimes! We’ve changed the feature visually for about 20%, and

functionally for 80%.


All these enhanced functionalities will save you a whole lot of time

trying to reach information-based decisions. How? Finally, you won’t

have to export data and filter it out in spreadsheets anymore.

You’ll ...

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