Automate 8 Social Media Marketing Tasks Using AI

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Automate 8 Social Media Marketing Tasks Using AI
Uma Bhat
Tue, 08/14/2018 - 09:43

"The future of personalized customer experience is inevitably tied to 'Intelligent assistance” Says Dan Miller, the founder of Opus Research.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has soon started making the lives of social media marketers easier. From minute repetitive tasks such as content posting, scheduling and distribution and all the way up to building intelligent marketing strategy tasks such as visualizing business insights and competitor analysis, AI is creating a smoother and smarter experience to every social media marketer every day.

A research conducted by Demandbase shows that 80 percent of marketers believe that artificial intelligence will revolutionize marketing as early as 2020.

Social media managers who are juggling with numerous tasks already are now lucky enough to have intelligent social media management tools that are powered by AI. These social media management tools are making automation possible on a number of daily routine tasks.

Here are 8 Social Media Marketing Tasks that can be automated using AI:

1. Content Creation

The most challenging part of content creation is to generate ideas even before you can start writing the content. But most of the times we find ourselves hitting a dead end looking out for trending topics or viral keywords for your next content post.

Here, the content explorers will come to your   rescue to simplify the brainstorming process. Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled social media management tools such as Buzzsumo lets you identify the content that is most shared and popular on social media.

With this, you can align your blogs and other content with the trending topics, thereby increasing their appeal to your audience. 

2.  Content Curation

Content curation can be dreadfully time-consuming when you have to maintain multiple social accounts.

Content curation tools like DrumUp helps you organize your social media activities and reduce your time and effort on social media management. These tools will recommend the content based on your industry and audience.

The tools enabled with AI, help you get all the benefits of publishing excellent content without having to create it all yourself. The tools will allow you to add content sources such as news websites, publications and multiple blogs.  With just a click of a button you can get all the latest updates on the topic of your choice. You just have to browse through the suggested content and share the relevant ones.

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3. Content Distribution

Content distribution simply makes sure that your content reaches the right people, at the right times and is considered more important than creating content.

Fortunately, social media marketers have a number of tools that can help deliver content to target audience at the right time.

Content distribution tools such as the Outbrain will target your audience and reach out to them on different devices such as desktop, mobile and tablet. The tools will also help you to target based on the location of your audience.

With the smart automation tools, you can manage and publish your content on all major social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google+.

4. Social Media Engagement

Nothing can be more demanding and time-consuming than trying to manually engage and converse with your audience on social media.

Luckily, nowadays, social media managers have the choice of many tools that can take care of the tedious social media engagement tasks.

Intelligent social media management tools such as Cloohawk gives a bunch of ideas to engage with your audience. The tools listen to your audience and picks up conversations that are relevant to you.

You can filter out words, group of words, twitter handles, words in bios of twitter handles, weblinks and much more based on which you will be given a list of tweets that can be retweeted for higher engagement with your audience.

5. Social Media Monitoring

When you are expected to be responding to tweets within few minutes, its highly impossible for social media marketers to keep track of all the conversations on social media. Hence social media marketers have to find ways to automate as much tasks as possible.

AI enabled tools such as Mention, will allow you to track your brand name, keywords, hashtags, competitors that you wish to monitor.

You can also define the source such as various websites, news channels, blogs, forums and any other general websites. There are tools that offer advanced features such as sorting feature with which you can sort the numerous mentions based on dates, location, handles, etc.

With social media monitoring automation, you have a tool to catch what you missed while you were busy with content creation, or something else.

6. Social Media Analytics

Metrics have become the fuel for today’s marketing. With metrics, a social media marketer can gauge the actions that paid off versus those that are not worth continuing. But doing all this manually can be impossible with the limit on time.

Social media automation tools such as quintly, offers metrics on various levels such as the engagement rate, increase in followers, retweet rate, impressions, competitive analysis, deep customer insights, response rates, etc.

All this when presented in a dashboard at regular intervals will help the social media manager to study and analyze the data to take appropriate measures for further improvement.

7. Social Media Campaign Management

Automated advertising campaign management is no longer an option, but has become essential task for best results for your campaigns.

Smart social media campaign tools offer flexible campaign and advertising tools for driving campaigns on all the major social media platforms.

Tools such as Shortstack assist you to build engaging campaigns for social media, web and mobile.  These tools provide a quick and easy platform to set up customer engagement campaigns, offers templates for quizzes, surveys and sweepstakes.

These automation tools help you to focus on a number of campaign goals such as driving engagement or collecting leads. It helps you to tailor each campaign according to the requirements of your brand.

8. Competitor Analysis

With so many marketing channels, competition has become fierce. Competition exists in all areas such as for traffic, for more followers, for more sales, ad placement, etc. While the competitor analysis is not going to be fun, it has become an essential component for all social media marketers.

The good news is that there are a ton of automated competitor analysis tools to help you efficiently assess how you stand up against your competitors.

Tools such as Social Blade come handy when you want to check your competitors. The tools can assess follower counts, likes of Twitter, Instagram and YouTube among other services. The tools will give you complete details of a competing brand messaging, the frequency of their content publishing, posts that are doing well, unhappy customers of your competition etc.

With the features offered by these tools, you can effortlessly compare your own growth with your competition


Social media management is all about being there at the right time. With so many different tasks to manage, a smart social media manager will take assistance of some of the intelligent social media automation tools to save time and effort.

Enhance your social media marketing efforts by using some of the remarkable automation tools that are built based on AI. These social media automation tools are built to help your efforts on marketing and to save your most precious time.

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