Classy and Iconic: Vintage Electric Bikes from Ezriderz

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These days, we live in a fast-paced world where one thing can turn into something serious within the blink of an eye. Some just go with the flow, while some choose to see the fun in the little things! That being said, we believe that there’s nothing wrong with spicing up your lifestyle once in a while. One example would be switching to a fun and quirky vintage electric bike, for starters!  



Vintage electric bikes are a classic take on the usual e-bike. They give off strong retro vibes, and could make you feel like you are on a journey to the 50s or 60s. Nothing combines modern technology and the charm of the good old days better than a stylish vintage e-bike.

In Australia, this type of electric bike has been gaining a following. There has been a surge of enthusiasts who favor the retro café racer style e-bike, resulting to the growth, not just in numbers, but in its sales as well. Various vintage e-bike manufacturers have emerged in the past decade as well, and one of them is Ezriderz.

In this article, we’ll find out more about Ezriderz and take a peek at their collection of vintage electric bikes, and accessories that top off the ensemble!


All About Ezriderz

Ezriderz is an Australia-based manufacturer and provider of vintage electric bikes, accessories, and more. They take pride in their years of experience in the electric bike industry, and have provided Australians with some of the most stylish yet durable retro-style e-bikes there is.

Their vision is simple; for them, it’s all about style and 0% compromise on quality. This means that they focus on producing vintage e-bikes that are aesthetically pleasing, yet tick off all the boxes of an electric ride made with the best materials.


Vintage electric bikes from Ezriderz are made from components that are top-of-the-line. These cruisers are fast, and can take on just any path! Don’t get these bad boys wrong; they might look like something out of the old movies, but they can ride not just on roads, but on sandy and rocky terrains as well.

Here are some more reasons why an Ezriderz retro-style electric bike is a must-have:

It has all the power you’re looking for. Before purchasing any kind of electric bike, you must be aware that there is a legal limit of 250W for you to be able to ride one on the Australian streets. However, higher wattages can be enjoyed in private properties. So, whether you want to stick to this legal limit, or enjoy your vintage electric bike for a spin around your own property, Ezriderz has your back!

Their powerful vintage bikes can take you up on hills or around the city with ease. You can choose between their 48V 250W or 52V 500W high-speed gear motor, both powered by BAFANG™.

Its full-color display lets you know what’s up. One of the things that sets an electric bike apart from manual bikes is its smart system. Vintage electric bikes from Ezriderz do not fall far behind in this technology, as their units are equipped with a full-color LCD display that shows you all the essentials!



The trusty little gadget shows information such as Pedal Assistant System (PAS) level, current speed, max speed, odometer, trip, battery life, daylight and night mode selection, and more! Never worry about not knowing how fast you’re going, or draining your battery in the middle of a ride! Just take a peek at the monitor in front, and you’ll know what to do!    

Set it in motion with the push of your thumb! Unlike some electric bikes which can be hard to control, the opposite goes for an Ezriderz vintage-style electric bike. The brand’s electric bikes are equipped with a left side thumb lever control for its throttle.

You can control everything at the touch of your thumb; from powering it on, setting your speed, and turning your high beams on and off. This half twist throttle is very powerful and convenient, you can just zoom into the day without difficulty!

It’s made safe and stable. Some might think that having the perfect retro look is the most important to a vintage electric bike. While that is right, Ezriderz makes it a point that safety is taken seriously too. With customers’ safety in mind, they made sure that their units are fast, powerful, but stops whenever they need to.

Their vintage electric bicycles are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, which ensure a stable and well-balanced weight distribution. The powerful brakes are there to make sure that the bike stops when needed, avoiding accidents that can bring damage not just to the bike, but to the rider, most of all.    

It boasts of a powerful gear selection. When you get a vintage e-bike from Ezriderz, you are sure to get the most powerful and versatile out there! Don’t let the visuals fool you, these bikes are powered by 7-speed Shimano Altus gears that provide amazing pedal assist.

Shimano is known to provide high-quality gears globally. This only justifies that Ezriderz wasn’t lying when they said that they don’t compromise quality! With gears like this present in your e-bike, tackling steep hills and cruising around the sandy beach is as easy as pie!

You can choose from their accessories to complete the vintage ensemble. Finding a good supplier of vintage e-bike accessories can be quite a challenge for some, but not when you purchase an Ezriderz unit. There are distributors like us here in E-ride Solutions who carry not just their e-bikes, but their accessories as well.  



You can easily complete your vintage vibe aesthetic with a rear pannier bag, or easily replace an old tank cover; Ezriderz has all the necessary fixtures for you!

Now that you have an overview of what’s in store for you, let’s take a look at the pride of Ezriderz—its vintage electric bikes!


Vintage Electric Bikes from Ezriderz


Ezriderz Sledz Vintage Electric BikePrice: Starts at $2,680.00



If the words power and elegance could materialize, then the Sledz Vintage Electric Bike from Ezriderz would be it. It has a motor wattage that ranges from 250W to 1000W, and comes in a two-tone color theme that exudes a simple yet stylish aura. Often categorized under electric city bikes, this model has the charms of a vintage electric bike as well! However, don’t let its look fool you! This powerful vintage e-bike is made for off-roading and can traverse over the roughest terrain! Its fat tyres from Kenda ensure a stable yet thrilling ride that can satisfy the classy yet adventurous side in you.

It’s also very lightweight; but it can carry a load of up to 150KG! This comfortable off-road vintage electric bike is definitely a package that has a lot of surprises in it!

Key features:

Take your pick with the choices of a 250W/500W/Dual 500W/750W/1000W motor for power that matches your riding needs.

Ride up to longer times and reach distances of 60km to 120km within a single full charge of this electric bike’s battery that matches its motor.

Enjoy rides over even the most inconvenient of terrain as if it was nothing with the durable 20-inch tyres equipped on this electric ride.

Go at a pace that suits you and enjoy better shifting times with its 7-speed shifter, guaranteed make your riding experience a comfortable one.



36V 250W(XOFO) Rear-Mounted Brushless Gear Hub

48V 500W(XOFO) Rear-Mounted Brushless Gear Hub

48V 500W(XOFO) Dual motor

48V 750W(XOFO) Rear-Mounted Brushless Gear Hub

48V 1000W(Bafang) Rear-Mounted Brushless Gear Hub


250W 36V 13AH(Samsung) Lithium-ion Battery

500W 48V 13AH(Samsung) Lithium-ion Battery

500W Dual 48V 17.4AH(Samsung) Lithium-ion Battery

750W 48V 17.4AH(Samsung) Lithium-ion Battery

1000W 48V 17.4AH(Samsung) Lithium-ion Battery


250W 36V 15A integrated controller

500W 48V 18A integrated controller

500W Dual 48V 36A integrated controller

750W 48V 22A integrated controller

1000W 48V 15A integrated controller


C961 LCD Display

Max Speed


Travel Distance

60km by throttle,120km by PAS

Charging Time

 4-6 Hours; >800cycles

Load Capacity



6061Aluminum Alloy, Colors Are Optional


Aluminum Alloy; Kenda K1188 20''×4.0

Speed Gears

Shimano 7 Speed Gears


Ezriderz Z Vintage Electric BikePrice: Starts at $3,290.00



Next, and capping off this brief list, is the epitome of the saying “vintage never dies”. The Ezriderz Z Vintage Electric Bike proves that and more with its retro café racer design, and its smart and powerful system. This modern beast comes in different colors, and a classic steampunk design that would definitely turn heads anywhere you go.

Not only that—the Z Vintage Electric Bike is powerful enough to take you to places you want and need to be. Its motor wattage ranges from 250W to 750W, and has a range of up to 60km. It’s also fitted with 26” x 4” tyres, which makes the remarkable vintage e-bike almost indestructible. Although the bike might look robust, it only weighs 31KG (battery included), and can carry a load of up to 140 KG.

To top it all off, it comes with a full-color LCD display that’ll show you all the essentials in a single screen. You can easily enjoy cruising through off-roads and beaches, with its comfortable features, and smart system!

Key Features:

Classic looking. Design patent owned by CIVIBIKES.

48V 250W BAFANG™ High-speed gear motor Australian street-legal 25kph.52V  500w BAFANG™ High-speed gear motor only for use on private property 40kph or 750W BAFANG™ High-speed gear motor only for use on private property 45kph.

Full-Color LCD display gives you all information you need: Odo, trip, speed,  battery indicator. Drive mode selection. Daylight and Night model selection.

Front/Rear Tektro™ Hydraulic Brake stops ezriderZ at any time if needed.

Half twist throttle. Twist throttle, ezriderZ will take you anywhere.



 48V/17.5Ah (840Wh) Samsung Cell Li-ion Battery


around 60 Km with 17.5Ah battery


48V 3Amp Smart Charger, works under 110V ~ 240V

Charging Time

3-4 hours


48V 22Amp Intelligent Controller


Full color LCD display, showing PAS Level, Current Speed, Max Speed, Odometer, Trip, Daylight and Night Model Selection, Eco, Normal, Power drive model selection


48V 250W BAFANG™ High-speed gear motor Australian street-legal 25kph.Or52V  500w BAFANG™ High-speed gear motor only for use on private property 40kph.

or 750W BAFANG™ High-speed gear motor only for use on private property 45kph.

Top Speed

25kph -48V 250W BAFANG™ High-speed gear motor Australian street-legal 40kph- 52V  500w BAFANG™ High-speed gear motor only for use on private property .

45kph- 750W BAFANG™ High-speed gear motor only for use on private property .


 Front light included

Rear light can be obtained with the purchase of a rear rack

Pedal Assist

7 gears


Left side thumb lever control

Wheel Size

66cm * 10cm (26 inch)


 F/R Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brake


 31kg with battery


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