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Easing Along

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Easing AlongEasing in along the docks and throttling back preparing to dock in the Port of Galilee on a cloudy, rainy morning

When coming into port, especially on a cloudy day, one must throttle down and ease along. In Galilee (Narragansett, Rhode Island), this is sometimes easier said than done.

When one arrives in a port such as Galilee on a stormy day, there are often a few steps. First, when the swells are sweeping in from the south (as they were on this day), there are adjustments. The following seas mean that one is "playing" the wheel and throttles. Once in the breakwater, the seas can often peak a bit as the bottom shoals up a bit. Then once in port, the skipper is breaking down that little bit of adrenaline. That is slowing themselves down with the vessel.

In short, this is not only about easing a fishing vessel into port. This is watching self-discipline and excellent seamanship.

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