Expert Advice: Developing a Social Media Strategy For Bloggers & Writers

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Social media is great to build connections, but it doesn't bring revenue by itself. You should know how to create a social media strategy to be successful.
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Hey Mike,

I truly believe concentrating on one social site at a time does make a different versus trying to post in all social channels at once. You don't want to be like an octopus on roller-skates when it comes to this.

Also I noticed that the more successful bloggers like Neil Patel or Adam Connell started focusing on just a few social sites as opposed to a bunch of them. From this I deduced that they targeted their audience with more of a detailed profile which makes their marketing more laser targeted.

Thanks for sharing! Have a great day!
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Hi Sherman,

Well said, I like your “octopus on roller-skates” analogy, so true. Thanks for the share and comment. Have a great week ahead.

Cheers, Cent

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