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Hi there tea drinkers! Today my friend and blogger Jilly is here guest posting. She, too loves tea and isn't afraid to pair her love of gaming with her love of tea. I thought it might be nice to tie in the love of games to this blog, as many people love both. Enjoy! -Leah  PS, I added a photo of the Earl Grey box because I love the design. :)Tea, the Perfect Companion for any Hobby by Jilly at Blackboard Reviews:First and foremost, I am a gamer. For me, there is nothing better than coming home from university with a free evening to sit and relax with my favourite game. However, it is the companion of tea that makes the experience all the more relaxing.My favourite tea is Twinings Earl Grey, this has been my choice since a child as my English teacher always brought it into class and it smelt amazing! Being British, I always have been a run-of-the mill tea drinker, PG tips, Yorkshire Tea, Tetley, and thats why I like Earl Grey: the additional citrus flavour is mild in taste, therefore it doesn't stray to far from my traditional tea drinking habits.Interestingly, I always found Lady Grey a bit too much, Twinings Lady Grey is stronger than Earl and every time I have tried it I find myself reverting all the way back to plain off-the-supermarket-shelf tea bags. I think I still have a nearly full box of Lady Grey at the back of my cupboard!Whatever your hobby/job, tea is a suitable companion. Us Brits will use any excuse to essentially procrastinate and make a cup of tea before starting any task, whether enjoyable or not.Also, don't forget the mug, everyone has their favourite cup to make their regular cuppa in. I personally have a collection of chocolate themed mugs from Mars bar to Cadbury Buttons, I am not ashamed in any way! Here's my collection:Thanks for reading my guest post, if you want to know anymore about gaming, then take a took at my blog Blackboard ReviewsJilly

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