Managing Creative Projects [9 Tips]

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Creative agencies must be one of the most exciting places to work,

especially when developing a project that requires a lot of

imagination. All creative projects are challenging to explain and may

not be apparent to others as it is to you and your team members.

Creativity requires time, which not many of us can afford. It seems

that lately, the market's demands have shifted in favor of efficiency

and productivity, which has put a lot of pressure on creativity.

To keep up with demand, creative teams have to rely on a growing

network of partners. As this network keeps increasing, more

stakeholders are introduced. They all want to be engaged in projects,

provide inputs, and approve assets. Eventually, you are faced with a

classic case of too many cooks in the kitchen. With more people

demanding attention or wanting to be heard, creative individuals are

more focused on pleasing everyone than actual work.

But there is one thing project managers could employ, and that's

creative time project ...

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