Matcha Kit Kat Review

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Today I decided I would have a Japanese theme on my blog. First off, I'm reviewing a matcha green tea flavored Kit Kat and I also try a strawberry Kit Kit flown all the way in from Japan. Due to the Matcha craze, I thought my readers would be interested in whether or not it's worth it to indulge in a chocolate that is Matcha infused. Later on I'll be reviewing a Japanese tea that was sent to me from Tea Leaf Plus that is also all the way from Japan; traditional tea enjoyed for centuries!  I'll show you the lovely packaging of the Kit Kat to begin.Despite the fact this little guy (it's a mini sized Kit Kat) is from Japan, there's still English on the wrapper. Nice touch, Kit Kat. Okay, enough of me enjoying the wrapper-it is a nice wrapper though, isn't it?I took it out of the wrapper and I was really excited. I haven't had my cup of Matcha yet for the #Matcha14daychallenge so I was craving that heavenly matcha taste. Please ignore the slightest piece of nail polish that's on my thumb. It was a lovely pink color and now I need to repaint them. So I took a bite and...Sorry to dissapoint you, but these Matcha Kit Kats were not the cat's meow. In fact, they didn't really taste of anything, they just had that normal crunchy texture. I guess if you're into texture and not into flavor with texture, they might be your thing. Or, if you're throwing a St. Patrick's Day party and you're looking for green items to spice up your party. However, if you're looking for candy that tastes like Matcha-well, don't go for these. I'd rate these a sad 1.5/5 stars. They get 1.5 stars because texturally they were sound and the packaging was nice, but the flavor just wasn't there.For fun I also ordered some Strawberry Kit Kats from Japan. They kind of tasted of strawberry banana though, so unless you're into that sort of thing, I'd advise against it. This is coming from someone who loves strawberries, too!Tune in later for my tea review!Leah

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