Multiply Your Social Media Traffic With 5 Effective Steps

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Multiply Your Social Media Traffic With 5 Effective Steps
Mon, 11/06/2017 - 11:00

Yes, I had my business pages on facebook, twitter, linkedin and instagram. Apart from few posts that got a ‘like’ or a ‘tweet’, there was absolutely no traffic on my page.

It was like a haunted house.

While I knew that social media can be a major source of traffic to my product website, I was failing at the very first step of getting traffic to my social media sites.

After all, a mere presence on social media will not guarantee steady traffic to my site, isn’t it?

It reminded me of my friend who always used to crib about not getting compliments for her favourite dress during parties. But she forgot that it was ‘her’ favourite dress and not for the audience.

So I realized that there is only one rule for social media.

“If you want people to notice you, offer them what they want to see, don’t dump with what you think is the best for you”

“It was time that I changed my social media strategy”

I started listing down things that people like to see on social media and that which can give a boost to my social traffic.

I came up with 5 steps that will help to get my social media traffic rolling.

Step 1 Add Visual Content

Did you all like comics better than story books that had long text in it?

According to research, 65% of humans are visual learners. Most of us process information faster when we see it versus when we hear it or read it.
That explains why 4X as many consumers would prefer to watch a product video than to read about it.

Create beautiful and engaging visual content using vibrant colors, excellent photos and engage in visual storytelling about your products and services.

Images and videos increases engagement and retains audience on your site for a longer period.

Trust me. I can vouch for images to increase traffic on your social sites.

Step 2 Choose Right Content to Post

Are you stuck between right content versus more content. I would vote for right content.

Ask yourself, “What use would be the content that is posted every hour, if that is not the relevant content for your audience?”

But then, how do you know what your audience wants?

So start by observing the kind of content that is liked and shared by your audience on social media. This will give you the biggest hint on the kind of content that should be posted.

Social media tools such as Cloohawk will help to monitor social media activities of your audience.

Study your competitor’s posts and track their highest shared and liked posts. You can then create similar or better content to attract more traffic.

There is nothing wrong in spying your competition.
When it is about mastering right content, it is all about how well you know your audience.

Test, re-test, and test again. Go back and refine. Post only the right content.

Step 3 Create Shareable Content

You did create content so that it can be shared right?

Haven’t the Social networks been born due to the desire of people to share more?

But what’s the use of content that cannot be easily shared when there are millions of people who want to share?

Content from blogs, websites and social media can be easily shared across platforms with the help of plugins. It makes the sharing very easy just with the click of a mouse.

Make the sharing buttons highly visible around the content that you publish. Add plugins such as click to tweet, highlight and share, Addthis, ImageHover Lite, etc. that help you to highlight a piece of content or image and easily share it on social media.

You have great visual content and the right content. BUT if it is not user friendly to share, it is less likely to be shared by your audience.

Don’t let your content go unnoticed. Drive more shares using social media tools. Check out the video for 4 Impressive Tools to Increase Social Media Shares

Step 4 Share Consistently

“Actions open doors, but consistency keeps them open”

When you have opened the doors with visual content, right content and shareable content, now the focus should be on continuously keeping the doors open.

It is easy to be drawn away into the other important tasks during the day. However it’s important to follow three things:

Plan a daily schedule for publishing content using social media calendar.
Schedule your posts using social media tools such as buffer.
Know the best posting time on various social media sites to substantially help you to catch the attention of maximum users.
The more consistent you are on social media, you have higher chances of being seen and liked.

Step 5 Engage With Followers

Now comes the most important aspect, ‘Engaging with your audience’

You should design an engagement strategy to get people engaged with your content. Social media engagement is building a long term relationship with your audience.

Relationship starts with conversation, right?

Start a conversation with your audience by discussing about your post. It attracts people and gets them to start talking about it.

You can also try by asking questions and by answering questions on social media. It improves you social brand image.

Providing valuable information about your industry or sharing experience is also a great way to engage audience.

Jump into the trending events that are going viral using popular hashtags. This is a great way to create awareness and be seen as an active participant.

Respond and react to your customers. This is the most important way to engage. Else it will give them an image that you don’t care for them.


If you have social media profiles for your company across different sites, then I am sure you would have gone through the same struggle that I was facing earlier.

When I realized these were the 5 most important techniques to get more traffic on my social media sites, there was no going back.

After all who would want to go back to a haunted house?

Have you tried any of the above methods? We would love to read about your experience in the comment section below.

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