Youthful Skin at 60: Anti-Wrinkle Ingredients

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Ever wondered how some silver haired beauties look young for their age? The answer is simple: Good skin care!
The key to looking youthful is very dependent on diet and skin care. Skin loses elasticity and regenerating power as we age, and luckily, there are many solutions to that!

Ferulic Acid
This plant based antioxidant is usually found in anti aging facial serums and in anti-wrinkle creams to neutralise the damage that environmental factors and free radicals cause. It helps to contain and reverse pre-mature ageing and helps enhance the affects of other ingredients.
Niacinamide (Vitamin B3)
Making waves for its hydration power, this ingredient helps to shrink large pores and brighten and tighten skin. It’s one of the best ingredients for anti aging creams and anti wrinkle creams for sensitive skin because of its ability to retain and attract moisture from the environment!
Vitamin C
A brightening antioxidant, Vitamin C for skin helps to reduce marks, blemishes and Hyperpigmentation caused by hormonal imbalances, acne scars or age factors. It improves skin texture and over long term use, it reduces oxidative stress revealing fresh and youthful skin!
Retinol face cream helps to regenerate skin from a cellular level. It helps to reduce fine lines and improves firmness for perky skin. Retinol anti aging product is making waves for their ability to reduce wrinkles and make skin look youthful! It’s great to use on acne-prone, oily and sensitive skin! Of course, sun protectants must be used along with this product.
Derived from olives, it works to keep skin hydrated and helps to regulate sebum production. Squalane is a must for oily skin facial serums – it works similarly to sebum and helps protect the skin and also has anti inflammatory properties, which work great in anti wrinkle cream for sensitive skin! And the best part, it’s light enough to be used on oily skin!
These important lipid molecules are found in some of the best anti wrinkle facial serums, helping to improve the skin’s protective ability. These molecules help to retain moisture to keep skin firm, plump and well resilient against free radicals and other environmental pollutants! It’s a must for sensitive skin!
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Who doesn’t love flawless, fresh skin?
Important skin care is not just vital to maintain a youthful complexion. In fact, healthy skin helps to determine how well your body is doing! And as a bonus, great skin makes you look good and feel even better, inside and out.
So what’s it going to be? Will you invest in yourself for a happier and healthier you? Leave us a comment below.
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