18 Key Questions to Ask Your Web Design Client

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So, your client needs a website. You are a web designer, and the

project should be done in a week or two, right? Well, it depends on

numerous factors.

It's a commonly known fact that clients will ask you dozens of

questions during the meeting, which at some point starts to become

tedious. Now we ask you, why aren't you doing the same thing?

A business/client relationship is a two-way street! The purpose of the

client's questions is to determine whether you satisfy his

requirements. At the same time, you should compile a website design

client questionnaire to determine whether a particular client is a

good fit.

Forget the old saying, the "customer is always right" unless you want

to end up with someone who will test your patience and waste your


There are countless questions to ask web design clients, but we will

name the most important ones and help you start your project the way

you should!


Identifying your client's needs is one of ...

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