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My name is Marina, and I am working as a Project Manager in aikon

group []. Founded in 2005, aikon group built

solutions on the Microsoft .net platform for more than a decade. We

worked on projects and products across e-commerce, financial, real

estate, tourism, and the food industry. Since 2015, all of our

Salesforce consultants got certified, and we've participated in a

number of Salesforce projects.

I have been using ActiveCollab since I started working in aikon group.

When I began to work, ActiveCollab wasn't used in its full capacity.

So, I needed more than four months to teach and push my team to use

ActiveCollab properly. The development team found it challenging to

properly fulfill task descriptions and make sure that the time tracked

was properly added.

By fulfilling tasks properly, I've managed to collect great reports


that made my calculations easier. Also, it is great to have a



option ...

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