All About Electric Skate Boards and The Benefits of Having One

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Electric skateboards have been undeniably popular over the years. The fun and powerful upgrade of the manual skateboards have become dependable transportation vehicles. With an e-skateboard, you are able to ride in a faster speed, and even save time by gliding through heavy traffic jams. These portable electric rides are also fitted with innovative braking systems that ensure the riders’ control over their speed, whether it be on uphill, downhill, or flat surfaces.

These days, electric skateboards have become very accessible to the public. Various personal mobility equipment manufacturers and distributors are taking advantage of the user-friendly electric ride. This is also one reason why e-skateboards are becoming quickly becoming crowd favorites among newbies and aficionados alike.

Countries like Australia are some of the main manufacturers and consumers of the electric ride, and the Australian online electric skateboard market gets bigger by the day.  

It is evident that owning an electric skateboard is a wise and practical idea. But if you think you need a little more push, then you can read on!

 In this article, we will outline the perks and benefits of having an e-skateboard of your own.    

What is an Electric Skateboard?

Before making the big purchase, it’s only important that you have some background on what you’re buying, right? In your case, it’s all about electric skateboards.

Let’s find out more about these wonderful little electric rides, shall we?

I. An Introduction to E-Skateboards

From the word skateboard itself, an electric skateboard is a type of electric ride that are similar to normal skateboards. The main difference is e-boards are powered by motors. Instead of relying on kicks and pushes to gain speed, an e-skateboard is normally controlled by a wireless hand throttle remote. This remote controls the board’s speed and brake.

Some electric skateboards, however, rely on a body’s weight-shifting. Shifting one’s weight towards the front of the board makes the ride go forward, and the rear for braking. Weight-shifting is also needed to make turns, and even in bringing the board to a full-stop.

The battery that powers up the motor is placed under the deck of the e-skateboard. The electric motors can be attached under the deck (along with the battery), or inside the wheels.

II. Parts of an E-Skateboard

An electric skateboard is made up of three components—basic, mechanical, and electric. Under these three categories are different parts that are responsible for the operation of a functional e-board. Knowing these parts will help you in the future, in case you’d need to do quick repairs and for the e-board’s maintenance.

In this part, we’ll briefly explain some of the most important parts of an e-skateboard.

An electric skateboard’s basic components consist of the following: the deck, trucks and wheels.

The deck is the biggest part of an electric skateboard. It is the actual board or platform the rider stands on while riding. Some decks are made from 3 to 12 plies of hardwood, while some are built out of fiberglass or carbon. Fiberglass and carbon-made boards are lighter, more durable, and less susceptible to wear and tear. However, some e-skateboard enthusiasts believe that the same works for wood boards.

Electric skateboard decks also come in three different shapes—freeride, downhill, and cruiser.

Trucks, on the other hand, are the axis of an electric board. It is made out of metal, and the part that’s responsible for making turns. It is one of the most essential parts of an e-board, as it determines how the skateboard will ride.

Last but definitely not the least are the wheels. Just like any other electric ride, your electric skateboard wouldn’t work without wheels. They transfer the weight from the trucks to the pavement, causing the board to gain momentum, and move.

They are also mounted via what we call “ball bearings” that enable the them to roll. Without any of these two, you’ll have nothing but a piece of stationary board.

Motors are the primary parts under an e-skateboard’s mechanical components. Most e-boards are equipped with hub motors. These are the motors that are placed inside the board’s wheel. It is very quiet (unlike belt motors), and are more affordable. These motors produce less torque, but gives more range.

However, because of its position, hub motors are more susceptible to damage. Riders need to be very cautious when driving through wet areas, and should avoid puddles as much as they could.

Another kind of motor that are usually present on an e-board is the belt motor. This motor is the more classic type, and was present in the earlier models of e-skateboards. It is somehow comparable to the drive of an electric bike.

Its construction is also more exposed to air, and is more water-resistant than the hub motor.

Moving on to the electric components. Here we have three parts which are the battery, remote control, and the electronic speed controller (ESC).

As mentioned above, the battery fuels the motor on your e-board. It is the heaviest component in an electric skateboard, and the bigger it is, the more range you could get. Most all-terrain and street electric boards are equipped with Lithium-ion batteries.

The next part would be the remote control. Some models come with this component that lets them choose if they want to go faster or brake. They connect through Bluetooth that allows wireless communication with the electric skateboard.

Finally, we have the electric speed controller (ESC). This component serves as the “brain” of your electric skateboard. It’s connected to the motor, battery, and the Bluetooth.

Let’s say that you chose to accelerate with your remote control. The ESC receives the command from the Bluetooth receiver and produces the amount of energy from the battery to the motor.        

Complicated as they may look or sound, your electric skateboard wouldn’t function if you take any of these parts out. So, the minute you decide to buy your own board, you’ll be able to identify these components and have some idea on how to maintain them.

What are the Benefits of having an E-Skateboard?

E-boards can be categorized into two types—the street electric skateboard and all-terrain electric skateboard. When you compare the two types, you can say that all-terrain or off-road electric skateboards are equivalent to monster trucks. They can be driven through country sides, dirt tracks, grasslands, literally on all kinds of terrain!

Street electric skateboards, however, are more limited path-wise. Most of these e-boards are made exclusively for urban use. These are the kinds of boards that you can ride for a casual park stroll, and is a common favorite among students and office workers.

Whatever type of e-skateboard you’ll decide to buy, one thing is for sure, an e-skateboard will never leave you unsatisfied.  

Aside from being an entertaining form of recreation, these personal mobility equipment prove to be more practical investments in ways more than one.

Now that you have some idea on what e-skateboards are, it’s time to discover their wonderful perks!

Slice your way through traffic jams! If you are an urbanite, then this is probably one of the issues you battle with every day. However, with an electric board in hand, you can start your day not trapped in your car or a crowded bus. You can actually enjoy your ay to work, as you get your daily dose of fresh air. This will definitely lighten up your mood, and lets you start everything on a positive note!

Enjoy every ride with less effort. Because electric boards don’t require you to push constantly, you are less tired after riding. There’s also little to no effort for charging the electric ride; just plug it in, leave it for around 4-8 hours and you’re done! You can enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride again.  

Save money on gas and repairs. This is probably one of the main concerns of any car owner. Gas and repairs take so much from your savings, and the opposite is true for e-skateboards. These electric wonders are very economical, and one of the most energy-efficient vehicles in the market.E-boards like the Epic’s Dominater Pro 4000 give a range of up to 50km. With this kind or range, you know you’ll safely make it to your destination, with more kilometres to spare. Moreover, e-boards are easier to maintain and most repairs can be D.I.Y.

Get that much-needed exercise! As someone who’s always busy with work or school, you might have no time to work-out at least once a week. You might want spend your spare time resting rather than sweating it out at the gym. Little do people know, with an electric skateboard, you can also get that exercise your body (and even your mind) needs.Riding an e-board requires you to constantly focus on where you’re going, and the weight-shifting for turns require your body to move with the correct balance. This hones not only your senses; it also gives you a  fresh feeling once you arrive at work or school.

Control your speed with no worries. Because of the ESC installed in your e-board, you can have full control of your speed. Manual models tend to travel at a higher speed when going downhill, and slower on flat surfaces. Contrary to this, most e-skateboard models have the option of riding at a steady speed, no matter what path you’re taking.This innovation makes it easier for you to arrive to your destination. Not only that, it also constitutes a safer ride on whatever terrain or way you’re driving through.  

They are versatile and portable electric vehicles. Probably the most portable out of all kinds of electric rides, e-skateboards can be ridden in all kinds of terrains. One example is the Weekend Warrior Electric Skateboard from Path. This e-board can tackle everything from daily commute to muddy hills.Versatility-wise, electric boards give you the option of switching between manual or electric use. Just like a normal skateboard, you can use your e-board to perform tricks in manual mode. You can then switch back to electric mode on your way home. That way, you can enjoy both features to the fullest!

You can help save the environment! One thing electric rideables are popular for is their contribution to the environment. Electric skateboards generally leave less carbon footprints, and do not burn fossil fuels the way other gas-powered vehicles do.E-boards with long ranges can last without charging for a day or two, so it doesn’t take too much of electricity too. They are very sustainable forms of mobility, and will definitely remain the same in the years to come.

All of these amazing benefits just prove that electric skateboards are innovative, convenient, and practical investments that will last you a long time. They are definitely the future of skateboarding, and they definitely upgrade and improve one’s lifestyle.  

If these reasons are not enough for you, then you can just take our word for it—electric skateboards are so much fun!

Buying Electric Skateboards in Australia

Electric skateboards are making waves in the Australian market, and it is very understandable. With their amazing performance and benefits not just to their owners, but also to the environment, these electric rideables are well-loved by the Australian community.

Having said that, there are online electric ride stores like E-Ride Solutions that carry only the best types of electric skateboards out there. From street boards, to all-terrain electric skateboards, we have everything that you need and more.

So, what else are you waiting for? Don’t be the last to enjoy these exclusive perks that only an e-skateboard can offer. You can choose from a variety of models, from a wide range of prices, and only from the best brands out there.

Upgrade your lifestyle and daily commute with an electric skateboard of your own! You can check out our collection  of e-boards, or contact us for more information.

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