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Irrespective of the fact which niche you are working in, one thing on which you need to pay attention is creating an email list.

This will assist you in not only getting more targeted traffic but also create loyalty with your audience. If you are planning to run a business online, creating an email list is a long way to go. Email list plays a major role.

An appealing email list of subscribers can seamlessly perform the outcome from social media sites such as Twitter or Facebook.

The simplest way to go about this is to make it easier for your viewers to subscribe to your emails.

This simply means the addition of opt-in forms in major locations of your site along with the sidebar and below given content area.

Nowadays, you will come across a fair number of free and premium WordPress plugins online that make it easier to add opt-in forms on your WordPress powered site.

In this article, we will share some of the best WordPress plugins which will assist you to earn more email subscribers.

MailChimp is the most sought-after name when it comes to email marketing.

It is one of the highly popular email marketing solution which offers you with distinct ways to design and send your email newsletters.

The plugin acts as a perfect bridge between your MailChimp account and WordPress for efficient performance.

Creating a new account is completely free and takes very less time.

If you are a flourishing business owner or Pro marketer, then you can also opt for premium plans. So, get this outstanding newsletter service that will permit you to send email campaigns to users in just matter of seconds.

Fascinating traits  

User-centric sign up forms.
Infinite subscription forms.
Awesome and friendly support.
Several add-ons available for better features and functionalities.


Created by Thomas Griffin and Syed Balkhi, OptinMonster is one such plugin that is an awesome list building tool.

Although it is not the market leader in the features department, it is lightweight in comparison to others as it is modular.

This simply means that if you wish to utilize only one kind of subscription form, then you just need to install only this module and not the complete package.

This plugin is designed in a way that it is sure to double the number of subscribers and email lists.

Ultimate for starters or even professionals, this plugin is yet other platform that you won’t regret investing in.

Captivating Features  

User-friendly drag and drop builder.
Latest and actionable analytic facility.
Can be easily integrated with any other website or e-commerce platforms.
More than 65 pre-built templates to select from.



SendPress makes it simpler for you to increase your newsletter list subscription with various widgets and collect and manage your subscribers.

Designed on WordPress UI, this plugin is extremely easy to use. Apart from this, there is no restriction in the total number of subscribers that you have.

Working with SendPress is similar to writing post in WordPress. It comprises six sections like Reports, Settings, Queue, Emails, Overview and Subscribers.

In email section, you need to create the text and the subject that your subscriber can easily get. In addition to this, you can easily select the design, color and pictures.

The final section shows all the people on your mailing list who are receiving your newsletter.

Essential Features 

Numerous subscribers.
Personalized Newsletter Templates with simple to use theme styler.
Sync WordPress roles to latest newsletter subscriber lists.
Infinite responsive newsletter subscriber lists.

Sendit Newsletter


Sendit Newsletter is one such WordPress plugin that helps you create newsletters and collect subscribers from your blog.

Using this plugin, you can easily work with more than single list and attach a subscription form with shortcode to pages/posts.

The content that you wish to send to the subscribers can be easily extracted from your blog posts or custom-made for your emails. You can also make use of a featured image in order to make your email more alluring to your subscribers.

Moreover, on the right side of the site, you can easily choose the time when you wish your email to be sent and the list that it needs to send.

Eye-catchy Features

Customized post type integration.
Send your innovative posts to your users with featured pictures.
Subscriber management and mailing list Ajax powered in wp-admin.
Include a subscription widget form in your pages or sidebars.

Caldera Forms 

Caldera Form is one of the ultimate free and strong WordPress plugins which develops fully responsive forms along with an easy drag and drop editor.

It comes laced with several user-friendly add-ons for beginners as well as experienced web developers.

With its amazing drag and drop interface, it has never been this simpler to design forms for your WordPress site which look great on any gadget.

The visual editor simplifies the entire form building process for WordPress.

You can easily create your forms with numerous columns, funnel user responses or include add on pages for more accurate data and valid information from visitors as well as customers.  

Alluring Features  

Instinctive user-interface.
No constraint on the total number of fields, forms or submission.
Infinite auto-responders.
Anti-spam by default for stopping those bots.  

Ending Notes  

To conclude, the above stated plugins are designed in a way that they are sure to enhance your email conversion rates.

However, it is not an easy process to rise your email conversions. You will need to generate traffic, market them on social media, publish outstanding blog posts and many more.

You just can’t remain idle and wait for  your subscriber digits. With the assistance of WordPress plugins, you can do your work seamlessly. So, go ahead and select those plugins that suit your business perspectives.

Author’s Bio: 

This article has been penned down by a highly knowledgeable writer named Jean Turner who is presently working at theem’on.

She possesses huge knowledge about not only premium WordPress plugins but also premium WordPress themes.

Owing to the immense skill set and knowledge in the related domain, she has achieved desired outcomes till now. Besides this, she also likes sharing her knowledge on premium WordPress themes and its importance.

This blog is one of her exceptional and well-written compositions aimed at delivering useful knowledge to readers.

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