Building a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

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Have you ever heard of the term Work Breakdown Structure? Or perhaps

wondered how it can help your project management efforts? If this is

your first time getting familiar with WBS, you should know this is a

visual tool that helps track and define a project deliverable and

other small components required to create it.

With the help of WBS, you can stay focused entirely on the things you

need to accomplish as the project moves along towards the deadline. In

essence, WBS is a foundational tool that helps leaders and project

managers evaluate, manage and plan big projects, so let’s learn a

bit more about it.


As the name implies, work breakdown structure starts with a large

objective or a project. It breaks it down into smaller manageable

pieces that team managers can reasonably evaluate or assign to teams.

It’s important to mention that WBS doesn’t focus on individual

actions; instead, it’s more focused on specific, measurable

milestones ...

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