Dealing With Non-Paying Clients

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There is nothing better than having clients who pay their invoices on

time, right? The reality is, some of them will ghost you, and you will

have no idea what to do. This can happen to anyone, regardless of how

seasoned or inexperienced you are.

We hope you aren't one of those business owners who learned to collect

money the hard way. But if that's the case, you get to learn from your

mistakes and be prepared when a similar situation happens again. In

the last couple of months, we were hit by the economic slowdown, and

people are facing a shortage of cash, so it's better to be safe than


That's why we came up with a short guide to show you what to do when a

client doesn't pay.


To speed up the payment process, you'll want to discuss the invoice

issue right from the start before rolling up your sleeves. If it's too

late for that, don't beat yourself up because there is always the next


First of all, think about who should get the invoice ...

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