Electric Scooters: An Eco-Friendly Alternative In 2021

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There will always be times when you would have wished for another way to get around because of traffic and the inconveniences of public transportation. You could of course use your car but get caught in traffic and commuting would still involve walking and waiting for a longer period.

In order to solve such problems as well as to add leisure to traveling, the electric scooter was invented based on the original Scoot'Elec manufactured first by Peugeot in 1996. Several years later you can now see all kinds of electric rides and the e-scooter grew popular among them.



Back then you would have the ordinary scooters that kids and teens would use as an alternative to a bike and later on the addition of a battery-powered motor as well as other features cause quite a commotion. The Electric scooter, later on, became a popular trend when it came to an eco-friendly means of transportation and nowadays you can find that a lot of people are now using it.

In 2021, people continue to use electric bikes to get around as this not only helps avoid issues that you normally would have with other modes of transportation. Until now, E-scooters are now being used daily by both adults and youngsters as an alternative eco-friendly way to travel and have become a great trend in Australia as well as other countries.

What is an Electric Scooter?

Back then scooters were only known for their handlebars, body, and two-wheel riding where people who would ride scooters had to kick their way to push them forward. The simple scooter has received a huge upgrade from then as it has a battery-powered motor that allows it to be ridden by simply using its throttle.

By pulling on the throttle, the battery motor will accelerate the wheel/s of the motorized scooter and allow its rider to simply stand on the deck as they drive forward. Because of its open build, this makes it lighter than most vehicles which allow its rider to maneuver with ease.



Aside from its normal function, the electric scooter has been seen to be given upgrades even further to the point where it competes with other vehicles such as motorcycles. This is because newer e-scooters now come with headlights, taillights, gauges, and other accessories.

To this day you may notice that there are more modern e-scooter being released and most of them come with all the necessary attachments to provide safety and convenience to its rider. Not only does this electric ride provide a fast and smooth way to get around, but it's also fun to use too!

Benefits of Riding an Electric Scooter

You can get a lot out of riding an electric scooter aside from an alternative solution to getting around and having fun. Most of these include the conveniences and benefits that you may develop as you continue to use it.

The following are some of the benefits of riding an e-scooter:

Compact Size

The size of an electric scooter is quite compact when it is compared to other vehicles and not only does this make it easier to maneuver, it also means you require less space when riding. The size of the scooter certainly makes it easier to move around and it is less likely that there are any collisions to happen.




Most electric scooters are light in weight and can easily be transported or put away as they can be folded up and require no disassembly when being moved or set aside. Some electric scooters are even light enough to be picked up which makes it easier for its owner to load on a vehicle or store in a garage.

Eco-Friendly Transportation

Similar to other electric rides out there, the electric scooter is one of the most popular alternatives for vehicles. It runs completely on electricity with its battery-powered motor and also doesn't make a lot of noise which is a good way to avoid noise pollution.

Improves Balance

At first, it may take some getting used to but eventually, you will get the hang of riding an electric scooter as your body will start to get in tune with its movements. You can expect an improvement in your ability to balance yourself on the electric scooter as well as when you are not riding it.



Boosts Reflexes

Electric scooters require you to maneuver them from time to time in such a way where your body starts to gain reflexes that act on its own. You will notice that your reflexes will improve the more you ride an electric scooter which does have its benefits when you are using it and when you aren’t.


An electric scooter does not require any gas and you simply have to charge it for a couple of hours to enjoy a long duration of transportation. It is a cost-efficient investment that can save you a lot of money which you may use on public transportation or gas for your car or motorcycle.

Easy to Maintain

The whole build of the electric scooter is simple and easy to maintain because of its open body and minimal parts which gives it an advantage when it comes to maintenance. You can easily maintain an electric scooter when it comes to cleaning it while charging it up is as simple as plugging its charger in and waiting.



Great Leisure Activity

Everyone has to have fun once in a while and there are both electric scooters for adults as well as there are electric scooters for kids. Riding an electric scooter with one’s friends or family can be quite a leisure activity and a good way of bonding with one another.

E-Scooters Trending In 2021

A lot of people around the world have resorted to electrical scooters when it comes to getting to destinations such as work, school or simply hanging out. This is because the more time went by, the more we saw the improvements of not only the e-scooters being released but also the positive effects they had on both the rider and the environment.

Due to the electric scooter's light build, a lot of people preferred it over other electric rides but this does defer from person to person. People who have had experience with basic scooters surely loved the new electric scooters due to their smooth-riding experiences.



A large number of electric scooter riders started to emerge and most of the people now resort to them as their means of transport. You will notice every once in a while, that there will be individuals riding their scooters around or even renting them from companies that offer scooter renting services.

Due to the popularity of e-scooters, electric charging companies started appearing to offer solutions to those who needed to charge their electric scooters when they didn't have the means to do so. This made it more convenient for those who owned their electric scooters who find themselves in need of a quick charge.

Laws When Riding E-Scooters in Australia

Just like with any electric ride or vehicle, there are laws in Australia when it comes to riding your motorized scooter such as speed limits which require the rider does not to exceed a speed of 10 to 25km/h depending on where you live.

In territories such as New South Wales and South Australia, you are only permitted to ride your electric scooter on private property but in other parts, you may legally ride them in public as long as you abide by the speed conditions. The speed limits are necessary for those who wish to use their electric ride to get around.



When it comes to safety, some territories in Australia require you to wear a helmet when riding your electric scooters such as in the Australian Capital Territory, Queensland, South Australia, and Tasmania. While other territories do not necessarily require you to wear a helmet, they do strongly encourage you to do so as it is important for your safety.

How to Pick the Right E-Scooter?

Most of the time you plan on getting an electric ride, you might think of getting a fast electric scooter or one that does well both on-road and off-road. You should keep in mind that it's more about the convenience that the electric scooter provides you.

Depending on how often you will ride your electric scooter, you should check its battery capacity as well as its range to know if it will suit your purpose of using it. You should also check what kind of throttle an electric scooter has to match your convenience as there are three common throttles which include a finger, thumb, and twist throttle.



When it comes to the wheels of your electric scooter, be sure to check if the tires are inflatable or tubeless because one may be better than the other when it comes to where you plan to ride. Tubeless tires are very durable and you won't have to worry about it getting a puncture while inflatable wheels are more suitable for when it comes to absorbing shock due to uneven terrain.

Most of the electric scooters nowadays have the same build but some may vary in style and shape and this can be something you might want to consider. While style is completely your preference, you should check the E-scooters frame and weight limit to know how much it can endure and if it can handle what you plan to use it for.

Where to Purchase E-Scooters in Australia

There may be a few stores in Australia depending on where you live but most of the electric scooters nowadays can now be bought from online dealers. You may find out that some dealers can provide you with the newest models from popular manufacturers.

You should keep in mind that important things to look out for when shopping online would be to check if the shops are certified and if they have a warranty available. Some dealers offer warranties that last up to a year which can be more than enough to make sure your electric scooter is okay.



Different online shops may have products that vary from others and you should take the time to look for the right electric scooter for you. It would be ideal that you also inquire about the electric scooter by contacting the dealer to make sure it is the right fit for you.

Electric Scooters From E-Ride Solutions

At E-Ride Solutions, we offer you some of the best electric scooters in Australia which include different models from some popular brands. If you are looking for the perfect e-scooter, you will surely be able to find one with us as our electric scooters as well as other electric rides are top of the line and certified.

We believe that there is a perfect electric ride for everyone and want to help you find which one suits you best. Our company is partnered with some of the best electric scooter brands such as Segway, Otto, Mercane, and more to provide you with a wide variety of choices.

Your life can change and become easier sooner than you think once you get your hands on a sweet ride such as the electric bike and we guarantee you will have a whole new alternative and eco-friendly riding experience. Feel free to check out our website at www.eridesolutions.com.au to see what electric scooters we have in store for you.

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