Email vs. Instant Messaging [Differences and Benefits]

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Communication is essential for a productive business. Naturally, we're

all busy people and don't always have time to respond to emails.

Luckily, instant messaging is one way to always be up to date, and

almost every company around the world uses these types of apps.

On the other hand, email has been much longer in use and represents

one of the pillars of business communication. We can say that instant

messaging and email are the two most popular ways to stay connected.

Let's compare and find differences between email vs. instant



Since there are more than 2.9 billion email users worldwide, its

appeal spans from professional to personal. Also, providing written

records of communication and sharing files is particularly important

in a business setting. For that matter, it's safe to say that the

email isn't going anywhere.

From employees working across various industries to teenagers, every

generation has sent and used email. Regardless of how many ...

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