Finding your Soulmate!

        Years later we are still talk about how the H E double L we met! How does a city boy from New York end up marrying a country girl from Montana?        We both moved to Houston in 2011 and within a few months we were living together. We married in 2016!         Several of my close friends and family members have expressed their anxiety over finding their person/soulmate. My response is always the same, which is no matter where they are in the World. You WILL find one another!        Parris and I are prime examples of overcoming enormous obstacles to be together and stay together. In fact, I'm quite certain if I told the entire story, you would say OMG how did they make it here!        The point of this blog topic is to help you relax and stop the endless searching!5 Ways to STOP Stressing Over Finding Your Soulmate1. Increase your Faith~I'm speaking as a Christian who truly knows this is the number one thing to do decrease stress. It helps to read books from Christian authors that help you understand that your story was already written. Your children and husband are all in his master plan! You are simply living his plan, so have a heavy dose of faith!2. Focus on YOU~ Invest in yourself. Marriage and family are huge commitments and I tell my children all the time, that marriage is like standing in front of a mirror all day. Your deepest insecurities and fears will be revealed, so invest the time needed to nurture your soul now!3. Develop Fantastic Communication Skills~I can't emphasize this enough! This may be one of the best tangible skills you can aquire in life and especially valuable in marriage. 4. Learn the Art of Conflict Resolution~ Find as many books or attend seminars on this topic. You will FIGHT, so you must learn to compromise.5. Develop you Emotional Intelligence~Once again, read everything you can and practice, practice, practice the skills needed for emotional intelligence.        Everything in this list are actions you can take today! Focus your heart, mind body and soul on all the things you can do  to prepare for your future marriage! I promise you, the second you stop wasting your time in the endless pursuit of love, the universe/God will drop your soulmate right at your front door!         Remember, my soulmate is an African American man that grew up in the city and I'm a white girl that grew up on a ranch only to be in the same place at the same time in Texas! Your person is out there!List of Books I Highly recommend to help you right now!Go to or Amazon.comBibleEmotional IntelligenceThe SecretMasteryA Love Worth Giving-Max LucadoTraveling Light-Max LucadoHow to Win Friends and Influence People

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