How to create a beautiful wedding website in 3 easy steps

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Create a stylish Wedding Website for your Big day. Allow your guests to RSVP directly from your website. Share your beautiful moments with your friends and family.
There are number of wonderful ways to create wedding websites. In this article, we are going to show you  how to make an awesome wedding website with a versatile website builder.

In fact,  website builders are  best choice for beginners.  You do not need any programming skills to create a functional site with Website builders. Just pick a nice design and adjust it to match your taste.  Website builders,  allow you to drag and drop design items, so you can control the placement of your photos, text or wedding videos on the page.
Why follow this  guide?  Here’s why…

Easy to follow steps. 3 steps.
Every step includes screenshots with sufficient details.
Guide written for a beginner, who has minimal technical skills.
Written by  Website Experts

After completing the following 3 easy steps, you should have a fully functional website up and running.

And I am positive that this will be the easiest part of preparing for your special day!

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Step1: Sign up with web host
eHost is a reliable hosting provider for your wedding website. They are providing a Free Domain Name and a Drag Site Builder to create your site. Sign up for 1 year hosting at the rate of $3.99/mo or buy for a longer term and get a better hosting discount($2.79/mo).
Click here to signup for eHost hosting

Click on Get Started Now button

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Step2: Choose your Domain and complete order
A Domain name is how people will be able to reach your website. It is your wedding website’s unique address.  Type your domain and click on Get My Domain button.

If that domain is not available, you will see some recommended list of domains. (Otherwise you will go to hosting set up page - see next figure)

Create your hosting set up: Type your name,email, password and click on Continue button.

Complete your order here - Enter your address, Select your package, Fill up your payment option and click Complete button.

Check your email :  You will receive a welcome email from eHost. Save this email for future reference. This email will include  Instructions to login  into your control panel. Alternately, visit and Click on Login button.

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Step3: Create your site using site builder
After logging into your control panel, click on create a new site button.

Select website builder

Choose a wedding template.  Click on category drop down and select wedding option. This will show available wedding related designs.

Preview your template

Scroll down and preview the theme. If you like it, click on 'Start editing" button. If you do not like it, Preview another theme.

Note: If you are a beginner, I suggest you to use the same theme displayed here in this tutorial and be familiar with the features. Later you can delete this site (see how) and start from creating new site from control panel.

How to Edit your design
Start Editing your design. You can edit or delete every element on this theme. For example, You can Edit Header (Dev weds Cathy),  images, text on this page. Pass mouse over any text or images and you will see green dotted box around it. Click inside that box to edit that element.

How to change text :

Here I'm going to Edit header text " Mike& Jenny". Just click on that element. Now you will see another box. Click on Edit text button. Now delete existing text and  type your text here. After you are done editing just click on any part of screen, that text will be saved. Similar way you can edit any text on this page.

How to change images

Click on the image. Now you can see another box. Click on change Image button.

In the newly opened window, You can select from available images or upload your own images.  Click on  each category on left to see all available pictures. To upload an image, click on Upload button.

After uploading, Click on the image and press Apply button.

How to delete unwanted elements(text/images etc) on this page

For example, I do not want to keep entire section "Our First Date" in this page. How do I remove entire section?

Just click any whee near Our First Date, you can see section box(see fig below).

Click on delete icon to delete entire block
You can also see 2 arrows (up / down) there. Click on up arrow to move entire block up. Click on down arrow to move entire block down.

To delete an image, click on the image and press 'Del' button on your keyboard.
To delete  any text block, click on text and press 'Del' button on your keyboard.
To delete  any gallery, click on text and press 'Del' button on your keyboard.  

Drag and Drop elements on the page

You can drag and drop any element on this page to any location. For example, Look at the fig below. I deleted the image and there is some blank space left there. It does not look good.  I can either spread text to full width or drag text block to left.

To spread the text, click somewhere on the txt. Then you will see lines around it. Do you see some square icons on that line (See fig below). Click on it and drag to increase width.

To move content block around, Click some where on text, and drag it to place you want to keep.

How to Edit Galley

Click on the gallery. Then you will see another box with "Manage Gallery" button. Click on it.

Here you can do many things.

You might want to remove all pictures and add your own pictures. To remove all pictures in the gallery, click on "Clear Items" link on top right side.
Click on "Add Image" link to add image to this gallery. (Please refer how to change image section above.)
You might want to keep some pictures and delete few other pictures. To delete one picture, click on the image you want to delete. Then you can see delete icon next to it. Click on it.
You can also edit image title,description etc. See fig below.
After you are done making changes, Save it.

After uploading images, you need to edit title,description etc. and save changes.

Note: Similar way you can edit other elements on this page.

After making any changes,  you can preview, save publish or Undo them.

How to edit other existing pages / How to add new page

Click on pages icon (on left side menu).  Let us be familiar with some icons displayed here.

How to Edit existing page
Here you can see list of existing pages. Click on the page you want to edit.

Click on each element on this page and start editing (like I explained above).

How to add new page

Go to Pages, click on add new page icon.

You will get 2 options there. 1) Add empty page, 2) Choose from templates. Here I selected Add empty page option. If you want you can choose 2nd option and edit page like we did earlier.


Enter name of page and click "Add Page" button.

Add more content to page

Click on Add button from left menu. You can add text, images, videos galleries and more...

I click on image and added one image to the page.  I can see my image on this page. But I want to move that image to some other part of this page.

Remember, In the middle of this tutorial, I explained how to drag & Drop elements on the page.  Just like that, click on the image and drag it to top left on the page.

Now I'm going to add some text to the page.

Click on Add button from left menu.
Click text
I can see text block here. Now click  on it. You can drag and keep it where ever you want.

Spread text to full width. Edit text etc.

In similar way you can add more content to this page.

After you are done making page, save it.

after you are done editing all pages, Click on Publish to publish the site.

How to delete a site   created using sitebuilder  from eHost control panel

Go back to . You can see your site there. Click on options>> Delete to delete this site.


So you have seen all the 3 steps. Yes. Step 3 has some good number of things to do. But don't get discouraged. These are steps that you can do.   Enjoy creating your  beautiful wedding website and be proud of it.  Get more wows! Oh yeah!

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