Let's Talk Music

We have discussed many differences in interracial relationships that can make or break the relationship. Let's talk about a cultural difference that is a bit on the lighter side. I grew up in Western New York in the 1980's. Both of my parents were into R&B, Jazz, Blues etc., so I came accustomed to those styles of music including Hip Hop. Although I had plenty of Caucasian friends I seldom listened to so called "white" music. Country music was at the bottom of the list. Patricia on the other hand grew up in Montana. Although she listened to some R&B she was accustomed to listening to Country music. During our decade together we have learned to enjoy each others love for different genres. Coming from my background I never thought I would enjoy country dancing as much as I do. Shout out to Whisky River! Before COVID we reveled in blasting our playlist that consists of a wide variety of Country, R&B, Hip Hop, Pop and 80's music to get ready to go out and dance. What makes WR such a great choice for the two of us is the music. Most of the night we are Country dancing our hearts out, but they break up the monotony with some Hip Hop, so we can free style. It's enlightening to listen to Country music lyrics and get what they are trying to convey. Getting out of your comfort zone can be truly refreshing. Take it from the kid from New York who is now a county dancing extraordinaire! 

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