Our New Mobile App Is Out!

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- Knock knock!

- Who's there?

- The ActiveCollab Team.

- The ActiveCollab Team who?

- The ActiveCollab Team who is thrilled to announce the new Mobile App

is officially out!

We know many of you have been waiting for a way to collaborate with

your team when you're on the go. So our developers made sure to

deliver the new version of the mobile app as soon as possible! In this

post, we'll go through everything you can do with it:

* Organize & manage

* Communicate & collaborate

* Plan & stay updated


Browse through all your projects, filter and sort them out, and access

your completed projects. All your favorite project options are there

so that you can enjoy an overview on any device.

Open a project and go through all the tasks. Here's what you can do

exclusively on your phone: swipe left and delete a task, change its

due date, or assignee! If you want all the options you have on your

laptop, worry not - open up a task, and you'll find them all. Edit a

task's ...

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