Resource Calendar in Project Management [4 Key Benefits]

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Time management and keeping track of schedules are essential tasks

that fall under the responsibility of the team leader or project

manager. Sometimes, they require a little help in the form of

calendars. They allow them to supervise project-related events,

milestones that will happen during the project's life cycle, and


One of the calendars often used is a resource calendar, your go-to

view while planning a project, managing your team members, or

assigning tasks and bookings. This article will break down the

essential features and tell you how to implement this calendar into

your daily activities as a project manager.


This tool is specially designed for monitoring, managing, and planning

resources, including both equipment and employees. Essentially, it

provides valuable information to project managers on how resources are

being used, which resources are available, and when.

A resource calendar allows you to manage resources more ...

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