Tips for Creating a Project Plan

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Every project tells a unique story about deliverables, timing, team

members, and its goals. If you are in charge of a project, you need to

create a project plan before moving to more important things.

Sometimes you can't wait to jump right into the project and figure

things along the way, but you will accomplish much better results if

you make a project plan first.

Consider this to be your foundation, which will serve you to move

forward. Keep in mind that without a proper plan, you are risking

misleading your team members. Instead of going in one direction, they

will be heading in multiple directions. So, we have formulated a few

steps to create a project plan, which will help you lead your team

with confidence.


IDENTIFY STAKEHOLDERS. A stakeholder can be anyone who is affected by

the project plan, and this includes end-users and customers. It's

crucial to identify your stakeholders and focus on their interests

when drafting a project plan. Be aware that this ...

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