Tips for Improving the Onboarding Flow

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Onboarding doesn't only relate to the question "Where do I sit?". This

is a journey and a fundamental part of employee experience. During the

recruitment process, you made a promise, which means preparing your

team members to be overachievers and high performers.

If everything goes well, your employees will develop a sense of

belonging and learn skills that define their success. Unfortunately,

according to the last surveys, nearly 36% of organizations currently

don't implement a structured onboarding process.


The employee onboarding process implies different ways you can

integrate employees into your company. The basic idea behind this

concept is making new team members familiar with company culture,

policies, and overall workplace.

A successful onboarding process aims to equip employees with

techniques and tools that will increase their productivity. During

this stage, they also learn how the company works and what's expected

from them.

However, onboarding ...

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