Under Lights At The East Providence High School Gym by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

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The Luis S. Carvalho Court

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The Luis S. Carvalho CourtThe Luis S. Carvalho Court at the old East Providence High School

The high school gym is a place of elation for some, the obligation for others, and even dread for a few. There is an assurance that everyone has some memory of the gymnasium.

As the East Providence High School closes, a classic gym will go. The lacquered floors, the real wood bleachers, the block construction. The banners will remain, but this is a place blessed by memories of the athletes. It is also a place that may haunt the minds of former opponents.

This is a place of nostalgia. It is a place of honor. And in evidence, there is a name on the boards representing such recognition.

East Providence Gym Stories

East Providence Gym StoriesA story in the gym at the old East Providence High School

Wooden Bleachers

Wooden BleachersThe grain of the classic wood bleachers at East Providence High School

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