What's the Purpose of Timesheet?

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Timesheet is a concept that rarely gets a lot of good press among

employees. And it's no different even among the press. Admittedly, the

timesheets often live up to their bad reputation: nobody likes to sign

a ton of papers just to "prove" they had worked several hours on a

given task.

On the other hand, timesheets can be an ultimately beneficial tool for

both managers and their team members. The key is to look at the

timesheet as a process with a clear purpose, provide everyone with an

option to follow it regularly, and support the process with ongoing

communication. In this article, we will outline a couple of ways in

which you can gather insights from your team's timesheets and make a

case for timesheets despite their notorious reputation.

Let's start with an important question:


It's pretty simple - timesheet management is a practice of monitoring

and analyzing your personal and team timesheets as records of working

hours across all your ...

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