How and Why Interracial Couples should Positively Promote their Interracial Relationship

         I recently read a scholarly article on interracial relationships. Instead of citing everything I read I will just tell you what the author concluded, because it clearly states the facts regarding interracial relationships/marriages.

Just in case you want to read the article! (

Conclusion- Americans overall, do not approve of interracial relationships when it involves Black Americans married to White Americans. 

Why- Hierarchy. In laymans terms, according to society, African American men are on the lowest part of the food chain. Caucasian women are on the highest level. 

        It doesn't matter if you agree or if you feel this is an exaggeration, I've experienced this type of mentality from a host of people in my inner circle and strangers. Our marriage is marginalized by society and requires constant defense. It takes a long time for people to accept your relationship and even when you feel they have, you still feel the difference. 

        The last thing I want to do is talk at lenghts about the obvious. What I do want to talk about is, what action you can take to promote your interracial relationship. It's 2020 and never is there a better time to educate and take action against all forms of racism, and I am here to give you the reason's why you should promote your relationship and how.

        Let's start with WHY

1. It's imperative to future generations that we TRY to wipe racism from the planet. In fact, this current generation might be the key to acceptance and normalcy regarding interracial relationships! So, stop beating the young generation up for their heavy use of technology! They hold a lot of power to equate change!

2. Because marriage should be regarded as a blessed union no matter what color! God loves people, not color. When you stand proud in your mixed marriage you stand for God's purpose for all his children. When you accept and love another person regadless of discrimination, regardless of the extra hardships you face, you will be blessed. Show the entire World your love did not stop at the color of the other persons skin!

3. Because racism seeks to kill and destroy this country. It is killing the hearts and minds of many and you can either be a part of the problem or a part of the solution, by learing about racism and embracing our differnces. It's not okay to be silent on this issue and it starts with YOU changing your heart and actions towards differneces.

    How to Promote your Interracial Relationship 

  1. Be mindful in public. This is the time to embrace your spouse with a smile and at all times engage in respectful communication. Parris and I do this naturally, but it's important to realize the world is watching and you should want to be a role model. This is how we produce change in the hearts and minds of racists. 

2. Be mindful in private. Your family is watching as well. Your children are watching. They need to see a respectful union. We have game nights on Saturdays with all our children and I can honestly say, they see two people that genuinely love one another! Make a decision to be that couple!

3. Always be willing to help others understand your relationship, even if you feel the questions are stupid and stereotypical. Don't get angry. View these as an opportunity to have an impact on anothers perspective. You never know if how you respond could be the key to softening their hearts. This can create a trickle effect, because they may soften their hearts and in turn start standing up for you and others in private-where it REALLY matters! Those private converstions are what created the blatant racism we see on TV everyday! 

        I just want to end with my encouraging you to be mindful and to take action as much as possible. We can end racism, but like every long journey, it takes those small steps in the beginning in the right direction to get where we need to be!

Please don't hesitate to comment or leave questions. I'm always up for a good conversation!


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