Top 10 Actions of Interracial Power Couples

We hear a lot of people talk about power couples in the media and people often site celeberties as being "Power Couples", but what are the characteristics of the Power Couple?        My husband and I are definitely an example of a power couple! After ten years of reflection and analysis, here's my list of ten actions (yes, I said action) that power couples engage in daily! We've overcome a lot of stereotypical sociatal backlash when it came to defending our relationship, but we persevered in spite of what the World had to say!1.  Speak with Kindness to one another-Be conscious at all times. Kindness makes everything else on this list easier, so practice telling yourself to be kind in everything you do!2. Attentive Listening- Especially topics regarding racial differences.3. Compassion towards one another (Acknowledgment that we both struggle and fall short and it's okay) African American men face enormous difficulties in America, so this is something to never take for granted in your marriage/relationship.4. Laugh- It's not always easy, but I promise you laughter and a good sense of humor can go a long way when you face difficulties! 6. Compliment one another- Not just in private, but in public. Acknowledge what makes them special to you. This can heal a lot of past wounds and strenghten your bond when you do go through rough times, because you remember that even when things were not always perfect, you still see the good in one another.5. Help one another- If you see your spouse/partner struggling, offer to help. Take action. Talking is great, but actions speak volumes.7. Date one another- I can't say enough about continuing to date. Get away and let go! Allow yourself a day every week to escape your troubles! Life is hard enough and this is why you are in a relationship! God blessed us with a partner to help us in life! (Pinterest has some great inexpensive date night ideas!!!) Dancing is our date night activity! 8. Dream together- Power couples never settle for sub par. Power couples dream together and work hard to keep each others dreams alive. This is where #5 can be really powerful. Help the person make thier dreams become a reality! I assure you it's worth all the work you'll need in order to make it happen! 9. Pray for each other- We ask God for a lot of help when it comes to us, but we must always recognize the Devil seeks to destroy families, so the happier you try to be, the more the Devil will attack. So, pray for your partner! Trust me, this will benefit you exponentially!10. Humble yourself every single day- You will fall short, you will dissappoint your spouse/partner, but if you can act humbly and acknowledge your mistakes openly and honestly, there is nothing the two of you can't accomplish in your lives!        If you can work on these throughout your marriage/relationship I can assure you, you'll reap the rewards from every single positive action you take! It's amazing to have reached a place in my marriage where I can honestly say the hard work paid off! 

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