ActiveCollab 8.0: Improved Search and Task Navigation

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Hello everyone,

Welcome to the latest recap of ActiveCollab’s updates! Last time


we talked about how your changes will be synchronized with the current

version if you’re trying out ActiveCollab 8.0 and vice versa. This

time, we’ll discuss new search options and easier task navigation.


Perhaps you didn’t know about this feature before, so we’ll let

you in on a little shortcut. You can open the Search box by using

CTRL+K on Windows and CMD+K on Mac, even in the current ActiveCollab

version. The new interface in ActiveCollab 8.0 opens the same window

that you can use to look for everything everywhere by term, whether

you use a keyboard shortcut or click the search icon.

If you open a project and try to search for something, you’ll see

the option to look for tasks, discussions, or notes within that

project only.

You can also find tasks and invoices by their ID number. When you ...

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