ActiveCollab 8.0: Upcoming Early Access Program

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Hello everyone,

We’re finally back from our holiday break and ready to deliver some

great news on what we’ve been up to and what’s planned for the

upcoming months! In our previous recap


we talked about the storage indicator in the Project Info and the time

indicators that will be visible in the Grid view once ActiveCollab 8.0

is released. This time, we’ll discuss only the development of the

new version and the Early Access Program.


During these two months, we’ve been creating a way to let people use

both the current and the new version of ActiveCollab simultaneously.

So far, our teams have been testing the new features this way, but now

it’s time to expand this circle of early testers to some selected


The best part of this system is that ALL YOUR CHANGES ARE

SYNCHRONIZED. For example, if you edit a task in version 8.0, the

modifications will appear ...

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