Best Electric Mobility Scooters for the Elderly and Disabled

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One of biggest hurdles that an elderly or someone with limited abilities have to face is mobility. More often than not, they would need assistance when moving around, and it could get frustrating at times. For seniors, it is common for their mobility to decrease as they age. Those with limited physical abilities, however, may not be able to achieve even small tasks because of this.  

Luckily, current innovations have paved the way for electric mobility scooters. Over the years, more and more electric rideable manufacturers have branched out into producing these personal mobility equipment, making them more accessible to the elderly and the disabled. With the help of these reliable electric vehicles, they are able to make the most out of assisted living.

In this article, we will be sharing some of the best electric mobility scooters for the elderly and the disabled, and why we think that you should consider them.

Electric Mobility Scooters Defined

An Electric Mobility Scooter is a mobility aid that is designed like a wheelchair, but configured as an electric scooter. It consists of an ergonomic seat, three to five seats (depending on the model), foot plates for the feet, a handlebar for turning, and two or three steerable wheels. While an electric mobility scooter doesn’t require manual power, it still requires upright posture, some upper-body mobility, and some shoulder and hand strength.

An electric mobility scooter is usually powered by batteries. Just like other electric rideables, it comes with a battery or two and reaches a full charge within 6 to 8 hours. Some electric mobility scooters also come with swivel chairs that allow access when the front is being blocked by the handlebar.  

The range of an electric mobility scooter varies from 15KM up to 40KM. The range of a scooter depends on how powerful the battery it is fitted with. It could also have a speed of 6KM/H or 12KM/H, and most of these functional electric rides are foldable.

Benefits of an Electric Mobility Scooter

For seniors and many individuals with limited ability, an electric mobility scooter has become a reliable and trusted alternative to the regular wheelchair. This is because a power scooter is lighter, more visually pleasing, more compact, and allows them to have total control when riding. This gives them a sense of independence, and a boost of confidence in fulfilling daily tasks.

The number of individuals who prefer mobility scooters, and even electric trikes have grown over the years. With their functions and designs that are suitable for assisted living, the popularity they have gained is understandable.

If you will be purchasing an electric mobility scooter, you might be thinking what benefits having one can do for you, so let’s take a look at them!

Power scooters give them a sense of independence. As we have mentioned above, electric mobility scooters allow individuals to have total control of their ride. This means that they can go wherever they want to go, do whatever they want or need to do, without the help of others. Unlike manual wheelchairs that require a second person’s push or pull for it to operate, mobility scooters can be operated by the rider alone. This way, the individual using it will also gain confidence to take on new challenges.

They make daily activities easier. Assistive mobility scooters may also cater to those who may not be able to stand for longer periods of time. With problems like this, even the simplest task like grocery shopping may become bothersome. However, with an electric mobility scooter, this becomes possible.More establishments and public spaces are becoming aware of such assistive vehicles and they find more ways to improve accessibility. Because of this, it is easier for those in mobility scooters to visit such areas just like anyone else. This allows them to carry out their daily chores productively.

They allow those with limited abilities participate in social activities. This might be one of the biggest insecurities someone with special needs battle with every day. But with the increasing awareness for mobility and access to electric mobility vehicles, they are now able become productive members of society. They are now able to work in offices or the field, enjoy social gatherings and nearly everything that a fully-abled person does.

Electric Mobility Scooters come in a wide variety of features and models. Mobility scooters are made especially for those who are mobile enough to operate a vehicle, but have limited ability or endurance to walk long distances because of a disability or age. While it caters to people with mobility problems, choosing one would still depend on their needs or preferences.

It is fortunate that these power scooters come in various types; from small folding scooters that can be used to go around the home or shopping centres, to heavy-duty scooters that can ride through steep hills and have longer ranges.

The Best Electric Mobility Scooters for the Elderly and Disabled

 As previously stated, electric mobility scooters come in various shapes and sizes, and each has its own unique features. That being said, it might be hard for someone to choose which scooter perfectly fits his needs.

But, don’t worry! We have curated a list of some of the best electric mobility scooters in Australia, and we’re here to share them with you.

Solax Mobie Mobility Electric Scooter

Regular Price: $2,970.00

We’ll start off this list with the least expensive in the roster. The Solax Mobie is a foldable Electric Mobility Scooter that collapses into a compact size simply by pulling a lever placed under the seat. It is very portable, and it also comes with a plane-safe certificate. Its size makes it possible for you to bring it in crowded buses, train boots, and even in cruise ships. This means that you no longer have to worry about going on a holiday, you can bring your Mobie along with you!

Moreover, once the power scooter is folded, its tiller can be used to navigate it around, just like a suitcase. This will allow you to take to everywhere, even when fully loaded. Not only that, the powerful mobility scooter comes with comfort features like a padded seat, removable armrest and multi-grip delta handlebars. It is definitely made for the individual who wants to travel and enjoy, even with limited abilities.


Armrests: Removable

Adjustable Tiller Height: Yes (400mm – 700mm)

Battery: 24V/10Ah x 1 (Lithium)

Dimensions: 990 x 540 x 840

Dimensions when Folded: 600 x 540 x 840

Range: Up to 15 KM

Motor: Dual 120W

Weight Capacity: 125KG

Relync R1 Mobility Electric Scooter

Regular Price: $3,499.00

Next in our list is an electric mobility scooter that has won awards for its clever design and ability to provide increased mobility. The Relync R1 is a sophisticated and stylish mobility scooter that is perfect for hotels, museums, malls, sporting events, and more. The sleek-looking power scooter lets you blend in with the crowd in style.

Not only that, the R1 Mobility Electric Scooter from Relync is also known as the fastest folding mobility scooter in the market today! It is also plane-safe, and can be ridden indoors or outdoors. The mobility scooter also features and innovative digital console, a 4-speed setting that lets you control how fast or slow you want to go, and a USB port where your mobile phone can be charged. It also boasts of a perfectly-placed triangular ergonomics that provide ultra-balance and comfort to its rider.   


Weight Capacity: 120KG

Driving Range: 15KM (1 battery) 30KM (2 batteries)

Max. Speed: 6.4KM/H

Folded Dimensions: 23.6 x 21.6 x 11

Unfolded Dimensions: 43” x 21.6 x 35

Product Weight (without battery): 26kg         

Max Climbing Angle: 6 degrees

Motor: 170W 

iMoving X1/X1S Electric Mobility Scooter

Regular Price: $3,295.00

The iMoving X1 and X1S is the first mobility scooter of its type that can be split in half for better portability. This feature allows the owner lift the scooter in two parts, to easily store them in a car boot and the like. The electric mobility scooter is ideal for indoor and outdoor use (reasonable terrains like smooth footpaths or the streets). It is also designed with a focus on stability, speed, portability, and medium day trips. This is a perfect mobility scooter for fulfilling daily tasks like grocery shopping, going to work or school, or even a leisurely stroll.

 If you are someone who needs chores done on a daily, them the iMoving X1/X1S Electric Mobility Scooter is perfect for you!


Color: White, Piano Black, Red, Blue (X1S only comes in White)

Total Weight: 30KG

Component Split Weights: 14KG (front); 16KG (rear)

Weight Capacity: 150KG

Max. Speed: X1 - 12 KM/H; X1S – 6KM/H

Max. Range: 40KM (in ideal conditions)

Battery: 48V 8.7Ah

Motor: 250W (X1) 180W (X1S)

Brakes: Electric ABS (X1) / Magnetic (X1S)

Solax Maleta Mobility Electric Scooter

Regular Price: $3,900.00


If you are looking for an electric mobility scooter that has it all, then the Solax Maleta is definitely for you. It is a lightweight travel scooter that will accompany you on all of your errands on the daily. This advanced power scooter is the most recent addition to the Solax family.

The Maleta Electric Mobility Scooter is also the most lightweight scooter from Solax. Weighing 21.5KG, it is designed to modernize your way of traveling. It comes with a digital display that shows information about your ride; such as speed, battery usage, and time and distance traveled. It also folds flatter than most mobility scooters, and is fully automatic!  

If you are someone who appreciates minimalistic designs and prioritizes comfort, then the Solax Maleta Mobility Electric Scooter might be the right choice for you.


Adjustable Tiller Height: Yes; 430mm to 710 mm

Battery: 24V/10Ah x 2 (Lithium)

Battery Range: Up to 15KM

Motor: Dual 120W

Max. Speed: 6KM/H

Seat Dimensions: 400mm x 315mm

Slope Ability: 12 Degrees

Weight Capacity: 125KG

Weight without Battery: 21.5KG

Wheel to Wheel: 740mm

Kymco Super 8 Electric Mobility Scooter

Regular Price: $4,000


Last but definitely not the least is the most expensive electric mobility scooter in or collection. The Super 8 Mobility Scooter from Kymco is definitely an ideal electric mobility scooter for the seniors and those with disabilities. It is perfectly capable to accompany you on your daily tasks, and offers flexibility a small scooter can provides.

Not only that, the Kymco Super 8 is built with comfort, security, and safety in mind, features that are often seen in larger mobility scooters. Some of these features also include puncture-proof tyres, advanced front and rear suspension for a more comfortable ride, and a set of front and taillights that make the power scooter ideal for riding at night. It also comes with a detachable front basket that can carry your essentials, or that can be used to store goods after a trip to the shops.

With all of these outstanding features combined into a small and ultra-portable electric vehicle, the Super 8 Electric Mobility Scooter from Kymco is definitely an investment that you will not regret for the years to come.


Battery: 12V 36Ah x 2

Battery Weight: 1.7KG

Max. Speed: 10KM/H

Motor: 400W 4-Pole

Range: Up to 30KM

Adjustable Backrest: Yes

Adjustable Seat Height: Yes

Adjustable Tiller Height: Yes

Suspension: Adjustable Front and Rear

Foot Room: 400mm

Slope Ability: 8 degrees

There you have it! The top 5 in our collection of the best electric mobility scooters for the elderly and the disabled. All of these models are available in Australia, and are definitely the best picks from their respective brands.

Electric Mobility Scooter Providers in Australia

Through the efforts of the NDIA and the NDIS, more and more Australians are allowed access to electric mobility scooters that will help change their lives. Many electric rideable distributors like us here in E-Ride Solutions became NDIS providers, which has given us opportunities to help certain individuals acquire mobility products that they can use in their daily life.

So, if you have any family members, or loved ones that may be in need of specialized mobility equipment, we will be more than happy to assist you! Our friendly staff are available to answer your inquiries. Just visit our website at, or contact our toll-free number at 1300-617-339.  

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