Block Island Turtle Mania by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

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Q. What is a turtle who has taken up photography called?

A. A Snapping Turtle

Meeting The Turtle

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Meeting The TurtleTurtle in the grass along Spring Street on Block Island

Some people bike Block Island. Some rent a scooter. Some drive. We hike because there is so much to see. After the rain, there are also more flowers to smell.

It pays to be alert while hiking because there is so much to see. On two locations between Old Harbor and Mohegan Bluffs, we encountered turtles. They were sauntering in the grass among the flowers. And like all turtles, they were worth slowing down for.

Moving On Turtle

Moving On TurtleMoving On Turtle

Turtle In The Grass

Turtle In The GrassTurtle in the grass

Turtle Trails

Turtle TrailsTurtle in the grass

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