DACI Framework for Successful Project Management

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The decision-making process is a significant part of any project's

lifecycle. It is an ongoing activity that requires the cooperation and

involvement of every project stakeholder, from individual stakeholders

to organizational leaders.

Uncertainty rules when you don't know who is in charge of what! Many

professionals, consultants, managers, and freelancers use the DACI

model. In this post, we will explain what the DACI model stands for,

how it works, and how it affects your team's decision-making process.


The DACI is a decision-making framework used in project management and

leadership circles. It helps organizations to make decisions in a

structured and collaborative manner. DACI stands for Driver, Approver,

Contributor, and Informed. The DACI framework originated as a RACI


The framework works by assigning roles to team members based on their

involvement and authority in decision-making. The Driver is

responsible for the project and is the ultimate ...

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