Delegate Tasks - Trust and Empower Team Members

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Do you always feel that your to-do list is about to explode? Are you

constantly overwhelmed by the things yet to be done? Well, we have one

word for you that can actually make your life much better, but you

need to let go of control and trust your team in this process.

Ever heard of delegation? We are sure you did, but you never thought

of implementing it, right? Delegation isn't easy because, most of the

time, we are used to doing things on our own. Also, it's hard to trust

others and allow them to have a say in an important project.

If you want to stop feeling exhausted and under a lot of pressure all

the time, you should learn how to delegate. Get rid of that old

saying, "If you want something done right, you must do it yourself,"

and learn to trust your team.


To delegate means transferring responsibilities for a specific task to

another person. From a management perspective, a manager will assign a

specific task to their team. By delegating a task, the manager ...

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